How to make a festive Italian spiced spritz with Amaro Lucano

How to make a festive Italian spiced spritz with Amaro Lucano

The seasonal spritzes continue this week with another Wintry Italian cocktail recipe. Last time, I shared my spiced twist on a classic Aperol Spritz, but this time, I’ve got something with a bit more of a herbal flavour to it – a festive, spiced spritz using Italian digestif, Amaro Lucano. Let’s check it out.

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What is Amaro Lucano?

Founded in 1894, Amaro Lucano is an Italian herbal liqueur created by family-owned company Amaro Lucano S.p.A. Made of a delicate blend of over 30 herbs, Amaro Lucano is a bitter-sweet digestif. With a warm richness to it, Amaro Lucano is a particularly great liqueur for the Wintertime. The name ‘Lucano’ comes from the word Lucania, which is another name for Basilicata, the area of Italy in which the company was founded.

Italian spiced spritz with Amaro Lucano

While Amaro Lucano makes for a great drink when served neat, with ice, or with a little bit of orange peel, it was the array of cocktails that it could be used in that had me intrigued. So, I made my way through a few of their suggested serves before discovering the perfect Winter spritz: the ‘Signature Cup’. If you know Female Original, then you’ll know that I never end up following a cocktail recipe exact – I always like to put my own twist on it. And, although the Signature Cup was a winner of a recipe, me being me, I changed it juuuuust a little bit. So, here’s my take on the Amaro Lucano ‘Signature Cup’.


Tumbler | Ice | Stirrer


50 ml Amaro Lucano*
50 ml apple juice
60 ml ginger beer
Slice cucumber
Slice orange


Fill your wine glass two-thirds of the way with ice cubes.
Add the Amaro Lucano and apple juice to the glass.
Top with ginger beer and give the mix a light stir.
To finish, add the slice of cucumber and a slice of orange. Serve and enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “How to make a festive Italian spiced spritz with Amaro Lucano

  1. Oo, this drink sounds delicious! Love that it uses apple juice and ginger beer to compliment the Amaro Luncano. The idea of pairing a drink with music is a great one; love seeing 23 on your list!
    Thanks for sharing, 🙂

    1. So glad to hear that you enjoyed the drinks and the music pairings! I’m looking forward to doing even more of them in 2022 🙂

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