Female Original features items that include affiliate links. This means that, at no extra cost to yourself, I may earn a small commission on certain products. This could be either because you have clicked on an item or have bought something from an external website after clicking on an item on Female Original. On my ‘Shop The Bar‘ page you can find a full list of drinks that I have featured on Female Original. Most of these are affiliate links. 

Product Gifting and Press Events

Any blog post that is marked with the term AD – PR Product means that I was sent that item as part of a collaboration with a brand. For any blog posts that include an event that I was invited to by a brand, I will clearly mark the post with AD – Press Event.

Sponsored Content 

If a post is marked with the term AD – Paid Collaboration that means that I have been paid in exchange for featuring a certain product, event or service, and working with a brand. 


If you would like to work with me then please head over to my contact page or send me an email at To read my full privacy policy please click here

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