Female Original ( or F O ) is the award-nominated food & drink, music and lifestyle blog by Liverpool based 20-something, Faye. First beginning in 2017 as a hobby alongside Faye’s studies in Fine Art at university, F O has developed into a source to discover something new across food, drink and music all in one place.

If you ask me, there really isn’t much that can beat good food, drinks and music is there? And so here on F O, I aim to make information about music, food and drink more accessible to the average person. Whether that be through sharing a new legendary artist in my ongoing music series The Legend Slot, or giving you the lowdown on a new organic red wine from a wine bar that focuses on showcasing fabulous female winemakers.


What to expect here on F O

First of all…banging tunes. What I’m trying to do on F O is be the sort of middleman (well, woman) if you will, and help you discover and connect with new music. Even if by new music I actually mean pre-2000s tunes most of the time (‘70s disco forever!). It’d be amazing to think that my readers could finish one of my blog posts with a completely new knowledge of neo-soul or suddenly find themselves being super passionate about Prince or Aretha Franklin’s music. Maybe they just discover one single new song or new artist. Who knows? The point is that they’re finding new AND old music more accessible.

Secondly, plenty of foodie content. I’m always yapping on about a new wine that I’ve discovered or a cocktail that I tried out that week that I just HAD to share with you. Sometimes I’ll share a delicious lunch recipe that I whipped up and other times I’ll give you a tour around a new favourite bar or restaurant of mine in my home city of Liverpool.

To finish it all off you can also expect an insight into what I’ve been doing in my life. Whether it’s the new edits that I’ve made in Photoshop, a new city that I’ve travelled to or a vintage coat that I found at a local vintage fair.

So grab a wine, whack on a groovin’ playlist and let’s party (well, actually…let’s read some blog posts).



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