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Female Original ( F O ) is the award-nominated drinks and music website founded by Liverpool-based 20-something, Faye (hey, that’s me!). First beginning back in 2017 as a hobby while I was working towards my Fine Art degree, F O has since developed into a source to discover something new in the world of drinks and music. Sure, we all know that drinks are great and music is great. But you know what’s even greater? Pairing them together. That’s what I’m all about here on Female Original.

Every week, you’ll find me sharing cocktail recipes and wine reviews, each with their own tailored playlists. Sometimes I’ll post a new update in my ongoing music series The Legend Slot, and others, I’ll give you the lowdown on the best bars in Liverpool (and beyond). Whether you’re looking to embrace your inner mixologist, host your own wine and jazz night, or plan your next outing in Liverpool, you’ll find what you’re searching for right here.

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