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Welcome to Female Original (F O). I’m Faye, a 20-something drinks, music and lifestyle blogger. If you’ve managed to find yourself here for the first time then hello and thanks for stopping by. Maybe you’ve come across my blog by searching for some spots to visit on your trip to Liverpool. Possibly you’ve found me whilst on the lookout for a banging new playlist to get you through your daily commute. Or you could’ve even fallen upon here in the middle of searching for some cocktail inspiration. Whatever reason it is, it’s great to have you here.

So…here’s a bit about me. In a sentence, I’m a vintage coat-wearing, groove-loving foodie with a love of Spanish travel. You’ll often find me sipping on an aperol spritz, listening to a bit of funk or rewatching How I Met Your Mother. That’s pretty much all you need to know for now. If I’ve managed to intrigue you at all then feel free to have a read of what I’ve been getting up to lately. To find out a little bit more about what I do here at Female Original (F O), head over to my full about page.



How To Make A Bramble Cocktail

Sunnier days are here, and with them comes a sunny-day-sipper of a drink. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a gin-lover then this is going to be a must-try drink for Summer this year. Read on to learn why the Bramble should be on your radar.

(B)ramble on!
Bramble Cocktail Recipe - Female Original


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Mermaid Pink Gin - Shop The Bar - Female Original

Mermaid Pink Gin

Freixenet Italian Rosé - Shop The Bar - Female Original

Freixenet Italian Rosé

Dark Horse Merlot -Shop The Bar - Female Original

Dark Horse Merlot

Bobbys Schiedam Gin - Shop The Bar - Female Original

Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin



40 Best Nina Simone Songs

How much do you know about jazz, blues and folk legend Nina Simone? I listened to ALL of her studio albums for the latest post in my ongoing blog series ‘The Legend Slot’. I picked out 40 songs that I think represent her best music and put ’em all in a playlist.

Check out the tunes
I Put A Spell On You (1965) album cover - 40 Best Nina Simone Songs (The Legend Slot) - Female Original

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