Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry Gin Spritz – cocktail recipe

Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry Gin Spritz - Female Original

We’re fully embracing the romance here on Female Original this Valentine’s Day with three delicious cocktail recipes to try at home. I’ve already shared recipe number one, which is a Burleighs Pink Gin Fizz (so make sure to check it out), but now it’s time for number two: the Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry Gin Spritz. 
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Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry Gin Spritz

Ideal for afternoon Valentine’s, Galentine’s or whatever-you-fancy-tine’s drinking, the Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry Gin Spritz is an easy-drinker of a cocktail that’s definitely going to be a crowdpleaser. For the inspiration for this cocktail, I looked towards the classic Tom Collins. Typically made using gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda water, the Tom Collins is an absolute staple. But, since it’s v-day and all, I thought I’d shake things up and swap the soda for Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry*. On paper, it’s similar to a Tom Collins, but in reality, it’s totally unique. Sweet yet citrusy, with a beautiful bright pink hue – a real v-day treat!

Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry Gin Spritz - Female Original


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Highball glass | Muddler | Barspoon
50 ml London Dry Gin (something like a Bombay Sapphire will do)
½ tablespoon sugar syrup
25 ml lemon juice
Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry*
2 raspberries
Add the raspberries to the bottom of your highball glass along with the sugar syrup, and muddle them.
Add the gin and lemon juice to the glass and stir to mix.
Fill your glass with ice and then top with the Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry.* Serve and enjoy!

Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry Gin Spritz - Female Original

Pair it with these tunes

So what should you listen to when you whip up your own Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry Gin Spritz this Valentine’s Day? I’ve got you covered! The vibrant pink colour of this cocktail was the inspiration behind my songs choices. I wanted to choose songs that captured the fun, bright feeling of the drink and I hope you can agree that the three songs that I chose do just that. 

Does the Fentimans Sparkling Raspberry Gin Spritz sound like something you’ll be trying out this Valentine’s Day? Let me know what you think of it.  To discover more drinks and music pairings, head on over and give me a follow on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Or, for more specific V-day drinks options, check out my Pink Gin Fizz using Burleighs gin. 

Female Original

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  1. Jodie
    February 20, 2022

    This sounds like the perfect cocktail for Valentine’s Day! I’m a big fan of gin-based drinks so I’d like to give this a try. Thanks for sharing Faye!

    1. femaleoriginal
      February 20, 2022

      Happy to hear that you like the sound of it, Jodie! Let me know if you decide to give it a try 🙂


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