Female-founded Christmas Gift Guide | Best drinks gifts for Christmas

Happy holidays! This festive season, I’m sharing the best drinks gifts for this Christmas, specifically from female-founded drinks organisations. Join me as I take you through my ultimate female-founded Christmas gift guide.

Neurita Tequila

Tequila made specifically for Margaritas – that’s what Neurita’s founder, Lucy Smith, set out to achieve with her core range of quality tequilas. Neurita’s range of tequilas sits at three bottles: Neurita Tequila Blanco Citrus, Neurita Tequila Blanco Rosa, and Neuritua Tequila Blanco Picante.

Their citrus tequila is an award-winning bottle with natural Sicilian orange and tangerine extracts, giving it its signature citrus flavours. Neurita’s rosa tequila is a naturally pink tequila made with sweet raspberry, strawberry and pomegranate extracts. Their final, and newest, addition to the core range is their picante tequila. This bottle is infused with Scotch Bonnet, green chilli, and tangerine, giving it a spicy citrus flavour perfect for spicy margaritas.

Avallen Calvados

Founded by Stephanie Jordan Balmforth and Tim Etherington-Judge, Avallen Spirits is a climate-positive, B Corp company using environmental methods across the organisation. The Calvados spirit itself is completely natural, with no additives or sugar. It’s also aged for 2 years in French oak barrels, giving it its proudly apple-forward flavour profile.

Avallen Calvados - Paper bottle, with a cocktail next to it.
Female-founded Christmas Gift Guide

Avallen Spirits has just one type of Calvados available, you can choose your bottle based on what packaging you’d like. On their website, you can find information about the carbon footprint of their packaging options as well as more info on the materials involved in making them. Pick either their glass or paper bottle and enjoy the same fantastic Avallen Calvados this Christmas.

Glass or paper?


If you’re a beer drinker then you may already be familiar with SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWING CO, a Manchester-based craft brewery. Well, this Christmas I want to talk all about their sister brand, which is literally founded by their sisters. FOUR SIS4ERS is a female-founded spirits brand, set up by (yeah, you guessed it) four sisters in Salford, Manchester. Stocking a core range of gins, a spiced rum and ready-to-drink cans, FOUR SIS4ERS has something for every spirit-lover this Christmas. Treat someone special to one of their full-sized bottles, or pick up a couple of their miniatures as stocking fillers this Christmas.


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