How To Make The Most Of A Weekend At Home

How To Make The Most of a Weekend at Home

So…we’re spending a lot more time at home than we’d like to at the moment and our Summer isn’t looking quite the same as usual. With Summer holidays having been completely cancelled, or altered, and weekends being spent in the garden rather than in our favourite busy city spots, it can be tough to see how we can still make the most of our time off. But just because 2020 has seen us having to change our plans and make staycations the new vacations, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t still have fun at home. With a few little essentials, a weekend at home can be great and I’m going to tell you exactly how you can make the most of your weekends. This post contains items that were gifted to me.

How To Make The Most of a Weekend at Home

How To Make The Most Of A Weekend At Home: Find The Perfect Playlist

I’m a big believer in thinking that all we really need to have a good time is good music and good food/drinks. So I’m kicking off my ‘weekend at home’ tips with some music recommendations. The key to finding the perfect playlist is figuring out what vibe you’re going for. Are you looking for an afternoon playlist full of Summer tunes? Is it more of an upbeat pop playlist that you’re after for a weekend dance party vibe? Or maybe you want a playlist that you can really relax and unwind to while eating your evening meal.

I shared my 5 top tips on where to find music on here earlier this month and my no.1 suggestion on the list was to search Spotify/your streaming platform of choice for pre-made genre playlists. My current recommendation from Spotify is the ‘Summer In The Garden’ playlist. It’s perfect for general weekend listening as there’s a really great mix of smooth listening tracks as well as a few disco tunes on there too.

How To Make The Most of a Weekend at Home

Find The Perfect Playlist: What’s On My Weekend Playlist?

That being said…it’s always fun to make your own playlists as well. What’s on my weekend playlist you ask? Well, currently I’m all about ’80s music. That might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been watching old ’80s Top of the Pops on the BBC over the last couple of weekends though. We’re talking Wham!, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, New Order. If anyone wants to join me on the ’80s music hype then definitely go and give my New Wave playlist a listen. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to learn a bit about ’80s music.

How To Make The Most Of A Weekend At Home: Stock Up On Some Delicious Drinks

Now for the drinks…you know how much I love a great drink. Whether it’s a cocktail, a spritz or a wine. But is there one drink that’s more ‘British Summertime’ than a refreshing glass of cider? I think not. If there’s a drink to have in stock for a banging weekend at home (and in the case of this year, a whole Summer at home) it’s got to be cider. I’ve got you covered with a few recommendations of ciders to have in stock this season.

Stock Up On Some Delicious Drinks: Cider Is Wine

Allow me to introduce you to Cider Is Winea UK-based online company that focuses on bringing their customers only the highest quality of cider and perry that’s available. From the highest quality cider and perry makers too. All of the ciders and perries on their website are exclusively fermented from 100% apples and pears and are not from concentrate. How does that compare to the mass market ciders that we’re oh so familiar with? Well, in some cases they can often contain as little as 35% apple or pear juice (from concentrate!) as there is no global standard for cider and perry production.

Where does the wine come into Cider Is Wine? Well, it’s because they believe that if wine, which is made in a similar way to cider, has to contain 100% grape content with zero concentrates then why should cider and perry be any different? And so every cider and perry on their website is 100% apple and pear juice resulting in the finest quality of product. Proving the statement that ‘Cider Is Wine.’ The team at Cider Is Wine very kindly sent over a few of their favourite bottles for me to try so I’ve picked out a couple of my favourites to share with you.

Cider Is Wine: Gospel Green Brut

I always go on about how much I love a dry wine in Wine Wednesday, and it’s the same when it comes to a cider as well. The first cider I’m taking you through is a lovely dry cider from Hampshire based Gospel Green. This one is produced using the ‘champagne method’ which means that it goes through a double fermentation process, the second of which is done in the bottle.

Crisp and bubbly… this felt like a really luxurious treat. It’s absolutely perfect for celebrating a special occasion at home, maybe a birthday or a graduation, and has a super celebratory feel about it. It’s also gluten free and vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Cider Is Wine: Killahora Poiré Perry

Next up we’re onto the perries. I have to say that perries haven’t ever really been something that I go for. I always opt for a cider and often completely dismiss perries as an option. But after trying out the Killahora Poiré my views have definitely changed.

Based near Cork, Ireland the Killahora Orchard cidery focuses on producing small batch perries that use only hand-picked fruit. And this care and extra time taken to produce their perries defintiely translates through into their Poiré 2017. The fermentation process for this one takes place in the bottle which creates a naturally sparkling perry that is slightly less fizzy, resulting in a super flavourful drink. This one is actually currently their perry of the month for July and I completely see why…it’s incredible!

Cider Is Wine: CLAIM Dessert Cider

Topping it all off we’ve got a stunning dessert cider from Swedish cider producer Brannland Cider. Now, I’d never tried a dessert cider before. I know right? And boy was I missing out. I think out of all the ciders I was most excited about this one. Firstly because it was something I hadn’t tried before. And secondly, because it had the coolest looking bottle ever. I mean, seriously, how can you NOT get excited about trying a cider that looks that cool?

Cider Is Wine - Brannland CLAIM Dessert Cider

Anyway, after a lovely Saturday night meal at home I decided to crack open the bottle of CLAIM by Brannland Cider to share with the family. I’d had it chilling in the fridge all day so it was looking amazing. I popped it open and was instantly hit with a scent that was so similar to a sherry. It transported me back to my sherry tasting experience in Jerez last Summer.

Cider Is Wine - Brannland CLAIM Dessert Cider

However it was completely different to sherry in taste. Light yet syrupy, fruity and delicious. It was an absolute dream!

How To Make The Most Of A Weekend At Home: Get Yourself Dressed Up

So you’ve got your drinks and your music sorted for your weekend at home. Now it’s time for the outfit. My final way to make the most of a weekend at home is to get dressed up. Just because you’re not leaving the house that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself dressed up in some of your favourite clothes! I’ve found that when I do get a bit dressed up I feel a lot more like I’m doing something with my weekend. So throw on your favourite Summer outfit, pop on an ’80s playlist, grab a cider and enjoy your weekend at home.

What are some of your favourite ways to spend a weekend at home? Are you all about the drinks and the tunes like me? What cider do you like the sound of the most from Cider Is Wine? Let me know in the comments.

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62 thoughts on “How To Make The Most Of A Weekend At Home

  1. Staying at home is something I am struggling with now that lockdown has lifted slightly, but this sounds like the perfect Friday or Saturday night. I’m not usually a fan of cider these days, but these from Cider is Wine sound really refreshing! x

    1. I’m the same, aside from being at home I’ve only ventured out to places that’re familiar with me since lockdown has lifted slightly. I’m still trying to feel more comfortable with going out a bit more so until I do feel comfortable I’m just trying to make the most of being at home! Good drinks and music definitely help! 🙂 x

  2. Oh God I don’t want another weekend at home for the rest of the year! I am SO BORED of being at home! But it’s important to make the most of it anyway. Especially when we have lovely weather 🙂 I have so many nice clothes I haven’t worn in months – think it’s time to get them out!

    1. Haha I’m ready for a weekend outside of my house for sure! For now it’s the garden though lol x

    1. Agreed! I’m quite similar, aside from trips to my local pub (and for afternoons in town) my pre-lockdown weekends aren’t too different to my weekends in lockdown x

  3. I’ve been implementing these tips for the last couple of months! My June & July playlists have been banging and have been the perfect fuel for a swim, a jog, some at-home weight lifting, tidying up, or laying out to sunbathe. Having the perfect, cool, summer drink alongside that definitely adds to the vibe, and although I usually wear less makeup and put in less effort over the summer holidays, it’s been nice to throw on a dress and a spot of makeup to make myself feel good for the day!

    1. Amazing! I definitely feel as though they make sure a huge difference to a weekend at home. It’s important that we try and make the most of the circumstances and it sounds like you have 🙂 x

  4. I love the sounds of your weekend at home and, of all the drinks you shared, the CLAIM Dessert Cider sounds so fresh and sweet, it is a treat in a fancy bottle! I love saving intricate bottles to use as vases and this bottle would be no exception. 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading. The CLAIM cider was amazing! It’d definitely make a perfect vase! x

  5. I absolutely love a crisp, refreshing cider! It’s so nice to have on a summers day; especially how I’ve never been a wine drinker. My boyfriend isn’t quite so keen though, but means there is more for me, haha! Thanks for sharing these great picks.

    Paige // Paige Eades

  6. So I’m sad I probably can’t find these ciders “across the pond” here in the Southern US. There is an awesome cider house in our area we soooo miss going to at the end of date nights. Date nights have been on hold for FAR too long; all our babysitters are at risk and/or have house guests. These look so good!

    1. Aw that’s such a shame you can’t try them! They were really lovely. Maybe there will be some similar ciders on a US site x

  7. The weekend is just starting for me and I read this post at the perfect time! Love the photos throughout the post and enjoyed reading the post!

  8. Sounds like a fab way to spend a weekend! Even better if the weather is nice too. I love the sound of the sweeter ones, but think I would only e able to have a glass or two. Sometimes the sweeter ones get a bit much, don’t they?
    Lovely post!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    1. The dessert cider was a ‘small glass only’ kinda drink but it was so lovely! Such a lovely treat for a weekend at home x

  9. Cider is Wine sounds like an amazing company and I love love love their attitude about the higher quality ingredients. That dessert cider sounds delicious. I’d never heard of dessert ciders either before. I need to try some ASAP x


    1. Their focus on high quality drinks was something that stood out to me too! The dessert cider was incredible! Definitely worth a try if you get the chance to 🙂 x

  10. Love the idea of making the most of a weekend at home. Especially with all the time we’re spending at home nowadays, it’s important to stay positive and try to make the most of it!

    1. For sure! It’s so important to try and make the best of the situation that we’re in and for me drinks and tunes are the way to do it 🙂 x

  11. This sounds like such a great way to spend a weekend! Thanks for sharing, I loved reading this! 🙂

  12. Such a lovely way to spend a weekend! We’re currently doing up our house and garden, so we’re spending weekends in scruffy clothes doing lots of manual labour lol xx

    1. You can’t beat drinks and tunes at the weekend! Haha aw I’m sure it’ll be worth the work in the end 🙂 x

  13. 100% agree that all you need to have a good time is good music, food and drinks! Unfortunately I’m allergic to apples so cider’s a no-go for my (cry) but anything else and I’m there haha. Also a fan of getting dressed up at the weekend, even if you’re not doing anything, makes it feel so much more of an occasion! x

  14. These are great ideas for being content at home. I’ve been feeling ok with not really going anywhere besides work or my new boyfriend’s house. But definitely good music, putting on a cute outfit, and having nice food/drinks helps!

    Kristyn –

    1. I’ve been the same tbh! I do find that music, food and getting dressed up does help on the days when I do get sick of it though 🙂

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