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Van Hunks MCC rosé brut sparkling wine review - Wine Wednesday - Female Original

We’re all about the bubbles this week as I’m sharing a little taste of South Africa with Van Hunks MCC rosé brut sparkling wine. Join me to dive into why this bottle is worth taking note of this Wine Wednesday.

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Tell me about Van Hunks

Van Hunks is a London-based, South African-made, sparkling wine and mead (an alcoholic drink created by fermenting honey with water and yeast) brand that prides itself on exploration and sharing something new with anyone who’s looking to explore. Through their unique range of wines, Van Hunks offers a sense of freedom through new tastes and experiences. Van Hunks initially started back in 2020 with a core range of two alcoholic drinks: a Sparkling Mead Brut and a Sparkling Brut Rosé – the latter of which I’ll be talking you through today.

Van Hunks MCC rosé brut sparkling wine review - Wine Wednesday - Female Original
Van Hunks MCC rosé brut sparkling wine review - Wine Wednesday - Female Original

Van Hunks MCC rosé brut sparkling wine

So, what does MCC stand for? You might ask. The answer? Method Cap Classique. MCC is essentially the South African term to indicate that a sparkling wine is made using the traditional method (AKA the same way as Champagne). From seeing MCC alone, I was excited to give this bottle of fizz a go.

Van Hunks MCC rosé brut sparkling wine review - Wine Wednesday - Female Original

Once poured into a champagne flute, you’re greeted with a lightly tinted orange-pink colour. A blush if you will. As for the bubbles, they looked lighter and smaller than your standard glass of rosé sparkling wine, which indicated to me that this would be a smoother bottle of bubbly. This theory was proven true when I gave it a first sip. The wine almost had a silky quality to it – not something that I’d often associate with a sparkling wine that’s for sure!

35% pinot noir, 30% chardonnay, 30% pinotage, 5% pinot meunier

On the palette it was dry with light red fruit flavours – much lighter than what I’m used to when it comes to bubbly. Although, a few sips in and I managed to get stronger red fruit flavours. The overwhelming flavour, initially, was an earthiness (which I assume comes from the 30% pinotage). However, the fruity flavours soon came through and balanced out the earthy quality. All of the flavours were evident on the nose as well, although they were much lighter overall.

This bottle really grew on me as I continued trying it out and it became clear why it sits at a £20 price point. It’s unexpected in its dryness and earthiness, and feels completely unique to other bottles on the market. If you’re searching for a new bottle of bubbly to leave you feeling surprised and delighted, this could be it.

Songs to pair with your glass

Sometimes you don’t want to play DJ. And, for those days when you can’t figure out what to listen to, I’ve got you covered. Before you pop open your bottle of bubbly this Wine Wednesday, press play on my Wine Wednesday playlist and make the most of your bottle.

Pour another one!

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Order your bottle of Van Hunks MCC rosé brut sparkling wine from Amazon and Van Hunks and be sure to let me know what you thought of it.

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