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A bottle of ThinK Prosecco Sparkling Rosé.

This Wednesday, I’m so excited to be talking about a wine company from my home city of Liverpool. For Wine Wednesday this week, I’ll be taking you through a bottle of Sparkling Rosé from the female-founded wine brand ThinK Prosecco.

This post is in collaboration with ThinK Wine Group and includes a product provided to me as a press sample. For more information about this, please review my privacy policy and disclaimer.

About ThinK Wine Group

Launched in 2020, ThinK Wine Group is a Liverpool-based wine brand founded by Katherine Jones. The story behind ThinK is personal to Katherine, as she founded the company after her battle with sugar. Through her experience with sugar, Katherine noticed there was a gap in the market for low-sugar, sparkling wines. Well, not just any low-sugar sparkling wines – ones that could truly compete against our favourite higher-sugar wines.

So, she took it upon herself to create the wine that she was looking for. From there, ThinK was born. Katherin believes in prioritising quality and flavour when it comes to wine, and so her mission with ThinK was to create a core range of wine that was low in sugar, but not in flavour. Not only that, but she also wanted to ensure that she considered how she could run her company sustainably.

A few years later, ThinK can proudly say that 100% of its wines are vegan and organic, it operates as sustainably as it can as a business and, as of March 2023, is a certified B-Corporation. This is just a snippet of their story, though. To learn more about ThinK Wine Group, visit their website.

ThinK Prosecco Sparkling Rosé review

Made using the finest Pinot Grigio grapes from Treviso, North-East Italy, ThinK Prosecco Sparkling Rosé is a vegan and organic sparkling wine that’s lower in sugar and calories compared with your standard bottle of bubbly. Here’s what I thought of the bottle…

Beautifully blush pink in colour, ThinK Sparkling Rosé leads with light aromas of tangy grapefruit and ripe red fruits (strawberry and raspberry). On the palate, the sparkling wine is dry and acidic, yet at no point does that feel overpowering as the overall texture of the wine feels well-rounded. As for the flavour, expect subtle red fruit with citrusy hits (grapefruit). An important thing to note about the ThinK Prosecco Sparkling Rosé is its lovely soft bubbles. The texture of the bubbles in this rosé is very much smooth and rounded, not too harsh on the palate at all. If you prefer a sparkling wine with a lighter texture to it, then the ThinK Sparkling Rosé could be one to add to your list. Order direct from ThinK Wine Group for £19.99.

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