The Legend Slot: ABBA

The Legend Slot: ABBA - Female Original

After the absolute marathon that was listening to almost 500 Prince tracks last month I felt like I needed to keep it simple this month. I wanted something fun, light and upbeat as it can be quite a task listening to 30 odd albums in depth each month. So I went ahead and chose...

The Legend Slot: Prince

Prince: The Legend Slot

For the seventh playlist in The Legend Slot I’m continuing on with the theme of royalty. We had Queen last month but now it’s time for funk legend Prince. Prince: A Brief History Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1958, Prince (born Prince Rogers Nelson) was a singer-songwriter, producer, actor and filmmaker who was regarded...

The Legend Slot: Queen

Queen - The Works (1984) album cover featured image

We’re officially halfway through The Legend Slot! For the sixth playlist I’ve gone back to the bands to bring you some of the best tracks by rock legends, Queen. Before we start though I wanted to give a shout out to the woman who was supposed to play the real life Legend Slot at...

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