Seville food guide | 4 must-visit tapas bars in Seville, Spain

Seville food guide - 4 must-visit tapas bars in Seville, Spain

As a lover of Spanish travel, culture and, of course, food and drink, I’ve done my fair share of travelling across the country over the last decade (or so). So far, I’ve been to cities including Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga, Cadiz and San Sebastian – each of which has its own take on what tapas (or Pintxos) should look like. But, with travelling, there’s always more to discover and food to explore, which took me on my trip to Seville. Thinking of taking a trip to the Andalucian capital? I’m sharing four must-visit tapas bars to check out when you arrive.

Casa Rafita, Calle Marques de la Mina

When I think about what a classic Spanish tapas bar looks like, to me, the decor at Casa Rafita is what comes to mind. In the centre of the bar were large glass cabinets, each filled with different tapas dishes – from tortilla to albondigas to stew. But, what really stood out to me was the number of wine bottles adorning the walls of the venue. They were everywhere! Every single wall in the bar was covered entirely in wine bottles – definitely an original bit of decor.

Wine wall at Cafe Rafita in Seville, Spain.

As for the food? The stand-out dish was their tuna steak in olive oil with thinly sliced potatoes. It felt like such a luxurious dish but still had a lightness to it. The tuna was beautifully flaky, and the potatoes were sliced and cooked to perfection. In fact, the tuna was so spectacular that I returned the next day just to taste it again. That’s when you know you’ve stumbled across something amazing!

Tuna steak at Cafe Rafita in Seville, Spain.
Wine wall at Cafe Rafita in Seville, Spain.

Eslava, Calle Eslava

Three words. Cheese Ice Cream.

Oh my god, my mind was blown by this dessert. Served with a sprig of lemon thyme (I know! How weirdly wonderful?), a sweet wafer biscuit and sugar-granule-filled jam, this was possibly the best dessert I have ever tasted. I remember first tasting it and wondering what it reminded me of. After one (or two) more days of having it as a dessert I finally figured it out. It was basically an ice cream version of a cheesecake! Honestly, it’s worth taking a trip to Seville just to try this if, like me, you’re a cheese lover.

Cigarro at Eslava restaurant in Seville, Spain.
Cheese ice cream at Eslava restaurant in Seville, Spain.

Continuing with my love affair with cheese brings us to this spinach and ricotta “cigarro”. A long roll of crispy filo pastry stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese. This dish was the definition of light. Accompanied with a squid ink bechamel sauce, this was perfect alongside a glass of house red.

Cinco Jotas, Calle Castelar

This was one of my favourite afternoon spots from the trip. There’s nothing better than sitting at the bar ordering a glass of vino rosado and snacking on a few green olives. I’m sure you can all agree that the decor in this bar/restaurant is pretty beautiful. Above the bar was a sort of second floor that was simply there to display plants and bottles of wine. The rounded, semi-circle shape of the bar was something that I loved as well. One of my favourite features is a bar that takes centre stage and this one definitely did.

A glass of rosé wine at the bar in Cinco Jotas in Seville, Spain.
Two glasses of rosé wine at the bar in Cinco Jotas in Seville, Spain.

Berrinche Tapas i Barra, Calle Tomás de Ibarra

The final stop on my Seville food guide was a Sevillian twist on a chicken curry. I know a chicken curry isn’t exactly what you’d think of when imagining your favourite tapas bar. However, this bite-sized dish definitely had a taste of Spain about it.

A bowl of curry and rice at Berrinche Tapas i Barra in Seville, Spain.
A bowl of curry and rice at Berrinche Tapas i Barra in Seville, Spain.

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32 thoughts on “Seville food guide | 4 must-visit tapas bars in Seville, Spain

  1. I just have to say that walk of wine bottles looks absolutely amazing! The food looks stunning too but the wine sounds amazing and I would probably drinks all of it x

    Kayleigh Zara ??

  2. Omg, what – cheese ice cream?! Where has this been all my life, seriously?! Great round up, and love the pics! Want that tuna steak!

    Rhianna x

  3. I went to Seville in November! It’s such a beautiful place. We didn’t have time to go to many restaurants but it looks like you found some great ones. Did manage to get some good ice cream though 🙂

  4. OMG, all of that food looks delicious! The cheese ice cream sounds intriguing. You also can’t beat a glass of good wine.
    Looks like you hade a great foodie trip in Seville. I would love to visit someday, and I know I will be heading back to your post if I do!
    Have you been to Madrid before? That has some great places to grab a bit to eat, especially San Gines for churros!

    Lovely post.

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. The cheese ice cream was insanely good! I have been to Madrid actually! I went about 6 years ago in the Winter and loved it. I’d love to go back again soon 🙂 x

  5. I must say the decor looks absolutely fantastic! Always wanted to go to Spain it’s on my destinations list. But the core is amazing and the tuna looks like one you can’t miss! ️ I wished we had a tapas bar here in the US.?


    1. There were so many beautifully decorated places! Definitely get yourself to Spain when you have the chance – it’s by far my favourite country to visit. x

  6. Looks delicious and great fun too. I’ve somehow missed getting to Seville in my travels to Europe. I need to get there when travel opens up. Thanks for sharing,

    1. It’s a foodie’s paradise! Seville and Malaga are two of my favourite cities in Spain, and both have incredible food. A must visit for sure! x

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