How To Make A Port And Tonic

Up until my trip to Lisbon, I was set on the Aperol Spritz as being the drink of the summer but this all changed after my first sip of Port and Tonic. Consisting of white port and tonic, served with ice and lemon (or lime…whatever floats your boat) this simple yet sophisticated drink is perfect for hot summer afternoons. Or, more specifically, rooftop terraces looking out onto the beautiful cityscape of Lisbon.

Aperol spritz cocktail served in a wine glass.

That’s not to say that I don’t love an Aperol Spritz (because I bloody well do). It’s more so that it’s nice to have a change every now and then. And Port and Tonic is the perfect drink to try this summer if you’re looking for something new!

White Port and Tonic

As someone who likes to live like the locals do whenever I travel, and try all of the local food and drink, I obviously had to make the most of being in the home of port! I’d never really been much of a port drinker. I always associated port as a dark drink, and actually had no idea that a white port existed until I visited Lisbon.

Port and tonic cocktail served in a highball glass.

The overall delicacy of the drink is what makes it different to the Aperol Spritz. I’ve found that, as much as I love an Aperol, the spritz’s orange, fruity flavour can sometimes turn sickly after a few of them. Whereas the white port is definitely something you could enjoy all afternoon. Especially given its lower percentage of alcohol!


50ml White Port (Andresen 10-year-old White Port is my fave)

150ml Tonic (I use Fever Tree)

Slice of lemon or lime

Plenty of ice

Port and tonic cocktail served in a stemless wine glass.


Take a balloon style glass (or a stemless wine glass) and fill it halfway with ice.

Pour in your white port and top up with 150ml of tonic.

Add a slice of lemon or lime and serve.

Have you ever tried white port before? What did you think? Let me know if you decide to give White Port and Tonic a go.

Female Original

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*Photography by Tomasz Rynkie and Unsplash.

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