Mount Rozier The Red Snapper Cinsault 2021 | Wine Wednesday

A bottle of Mount Rozier The Red Snapper Cinsault 2021.

This week’s Wine Wednesday comes in the form of a South African Cinsault from the Mount Rozier estate. Come along as we explore The Red Snapper, a versatile bottle of Cinsault that can be enjoyed lightly chilled on its own, or at room temperature paired with a great meal. 

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The Mount Rozier estate

The Mount Rozier estate is part of the Journey’s End vineyard in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Named after its founder, Annie Rozier – a flower merchant who would pick wildflowers in the surrounding Schapenberg Hills and produce medicine for the local community – Mount Rozier is known for its beautiful landscape and, of course, its characterful wines. Now, the family-owned vineyard is best known for its sustainable and ethical farming practices and quality wine. This brings me to this week’s Wine Wednesday pick, Mount Rozier’s ‘The Red Snapper’ Cinsault.

A bottle of Mount Rozier The Red Snapper Cinsault 2021.
A bottle of Mount Rozier The Red Snapper Cinsault 2021.

Mount Rozier’s The Red Snapper Cinsault, 2021

Cinsault is a red grape variety that’s most notably associated with the South of France. Whilst it’s often blended with grape varieties such as Grenache and Carignan, this particular bottle from South Africa’s Mount Rozier estate is 100% Cinsault. On first inspection, The Red Snapper Cinsault holds a pale ruby colour that very lightly coats your glass. The nose is light, with fresh red fruits being the dominant scent – think red cherry, strawberry and some redcurrant too.

A bottle of Mount Rozier The Red Snapper Cinsault 2021.

The fresh red fruits are what come through first as we move on to the taste of Mount Rozier’s The Red Snapper Cinsault. Red cherry seemed to be the most dominant flavour on the palate, but there were definitely hints of strawberry and a bit of bitter cranberry too. Where the nose differs from the palate, however, is in spice. While I couldn’t pick up much more than fresh fruits on the nose, on the palate I was getting hints of black pepper. Aside from the flavour, this bottle is medium-bodied, with light acidity and tannin levels.

light red fruit flavours | medium body | refreshing finish

I tried it lightly chilled at first and then at room temperature, alongside a curry, and it paired perfectly with the spice. I actually found it more flavoursome at a slightly warmer temperature and the fruitiness really worked alongside the kick of spice from the curry.

As someone who is naturally drawn to an oaked, medium-high tannin red wine with plenty of warming spice, it can be difficult to find a bottle of red to pair with a curry. In fact, it can be a challenge to know what wine to pair with a curry – full stop. I’m often underwhelmed with lighter reds, but I found that The Red Snapper Cinsault paired fantastically with the spice of homemade Saturday night curry. It’s 100% made for enjoying with food.

Pair your glass with some songs

Make the most of your mid-week glass of vino by enjoying it alongside a few great tunes. I’ve curated a specific playlist that’s ideal for drinking your favourite glass of wine whilst listening to. Sit back, press play and sip some great wine this Wednesday alongside my Wine Wednesday playlist.

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Stock up on your own bottle of Mount Rozier The Red Snapper Cinsault at Sainsbury’s for an incredibly reasonable £7.00. When you do, make sure to let me know what you thought of it. 

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