Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool

Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool - Female Original

Are you thinking about taking a trip to the stunning Maray Albert Dock in Liverpool? Here’s what you’re going to want to order when you get a chance to visit.

Having previously visited both the Bold Street Maray and my local Allerton Road venue, I was thrilled to get a chance to check out their latest one on The Albert Dock. Despite being a Liverpool local, I haven’t visited The Albert Dock anywhere near as often as I probably should have. But, after my trip to the Albert Dock Maray venue, has that all changed? (spoiler alert…yes!). I was very kindly invited to Maray as part of the press launch for their Albert Dock venue. For more information please feel free to read my disclaimer and privacy policy.

Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool - Female Original

Maray, Albert Dock: The Venue

So, what can you expect from the venue? Well decor-wise, exposed pipes and mix-and-match lighting were some of the stand-out features. Mosaic tiles featured around the kitchen area, and bare brick walls and double height ceilings contrasted with them to create an overall industrial feel. With huge floor-to-ceiling windows at the front of the building, letting in so much lovely natural light, it’s the perfect spot for afternoon eating. But imagine how dreamy it’ll look in the evening with The Albert Dock all lit up…the view would be incredible!   

Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool - Female Original

The venue itself is split over two levels with more of a sit down dinner vibe going on upstairs in their ‘private function’ area. Personally I’m more of a casual dining fan (which is why I’ve always been such a fan of Spanish dining culture) so downstairs is a bit more my vibe. However, looking at that stunning view over the docks could just about convert me to loving a proper sit down meal. Just look at it!

Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool - Female Original

Maray Albert Dock: The Menu

Now what you’ve really come here for…the food. Given that I’d visited their other venues before, I was particularly excited to see what The Albert Dock restaurant had to offer.

Nocellara Olives, Cured Salmon & Their Famous Disco Cauliflower

We started with a few nocellara olives, something that I think can often divide opinion. For me, olives are an amazing addition to any dining experience. I’ve always loved how when you’re in Spain you’ll get a little dish of them with almost any drink you have. It’s the ultimate bar snack! So I was more than happy to indulge in them.

Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool - Female Original

Served with labneh (soft, creamy cheese), blackberry and lemon gel, their cured salmon skewer was a mind-blower for me. I have to admit that I wouldn’t typically order a cold dish if I was at a restaurant. But this little canapé change my mind completely. I would never have thought that salmon would work so well with blackberries. But my god was it beautiful!

Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool - Female Original

Arguably their most famous dish, Maray’s roasted cauliflower (known as their ‘Disco’ cauliflower) is an absolute must-try. I ended up trying both the vegan and non-vegan versions of it on the night. The vegan version was actually my favourite! Served with tahini, yoghurt and harissa, it makes quite the statement when it’s served whole. Definitely one to check out when you visit.

Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool - Female Original

Whip Royale Cocktail & Raspberry Iced Tea

Mixing together cucumber infused gin, lavender and prosecco, the Whip Royale Cocktail was absolutely stunning. It was super refreshing and light, and would definitely make the most perfect drink for Summer sipping. A rival for my favourite St Germain Spritz cocktail for sure.

Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool - Female Original

Perfect for the designated driver, or if you simply don’t fancy an alcoholic beverage, their Raspberry Iced Tea was another evening favourite. Mixing together raspberry, sumac (a tangy, lemony spice) and cold-brewed black tea, it was the ideal blend of sweet and bitter.

Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool - Female Original

Have you had a chance to visit the Albert Dock Maray yet? What would you order from their menu if you visited?

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20 thoughts on “Maray Albert Dock, Liverpool

  1. Being welcomed by a glass of Prosecco makes it the perfect start to an event! The cauliflower dish sounds real too nice. I love cauliflower, so anything cauliflower makes me happy! I think I’ll have to go here when I finally get to Liverpool!

  2. I’m from the states so I always get excited to read posts about trendy places in European cities! The cured salmon with blackberries sounds so unique, I’m curious to try it one day! This event was started off right when they greeted you with a glass of Prosecco! Cheers! The drink choices served seem to be on point too 🙂 I’m glad you had a lovely experience at the venue!

    1. You can’t go wrong with a glass of prosecco! The salmon was definitely something different and was so delicious 🙂 x

  3. This spot looks lovely! That raspberry tea sounds so delish, and that cocktail as well. Salmon anything is my kind of dish, so I’d love that!

    1. It was a great little evening! I was surprised at how nice the salmon was – I’m a huge fan of fish but would never have thought of trying a cold salmon dish x

  4. Wow what a beautiful place and yummy food and drinks! My favorite has to be the cured salmon. It looks so good!! I wish there were blogger events near me. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Ooooh how exciting! All three of their restaurants are amazing so I’d definitely recommend visiting when you come. X

  5. Oh my gosh the cured salmon looks to die for! The drinks look lovely too, and the few from the dock is so stunning..I honestly wished I lived closer as this would be somewhere I’d love to visit x

    Kayleigh Zara ?

    1. It was insanely good! If you ever find yourself visiting Liverpool you’ll have to test it 🙂 x

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