Malaga food guide | 3 must-visit tapas bars in Malaga, Spain

El Tapeo de Cervantes, Malaga, Spain.

Wondering where the best spots to eat and drink in Malaga, Spain, are? I’m telling all in my foodie’s guide to Malaga. Come along as I take you through three amazing spots in my Malaga food guide.

El Tapeo de Cervantes, Calle Carretería

If there’s one restaurant that I can firmly say made my trip to Malaga, it would be, without a doubt, El Tapeo de Cervantes. Cosy and traditional in its decor, El Tapeo de Cervantes is known for its upscale and modern tapas, as well as showstopping meat-focused main meals. We worked our way through a few of their recommended dishes, and a few picks of our own, trying out some signature fish dishes and one seriously stand-out steak dish. Long story short, El Tapeo de Cervantes’ food kind of blew my mind. A definite must-visit when you visit the city. However, be sure to book in advance because the restaurant fills up rapidly.

El Tapeo de Cervantes, Malaga, Spain.
El Tapeo de Cervantes, Malaga, Spain.

Meson Lo Gueno, Calle Marín García

When it comes to my most-visited restaurant in Malaga, Meson Lo Gueno takes the top spot. If I’m completely honest, I think I visited Meson Lo Gueno approximately five times in my 9-day holiday. It was just too good. I’m a sucker for casual dining, and always just at the chance to sit at the bar to eat when the opportunity comes up. You can’t beat sitting at the bar having a glass of red wine and a couple of tapas, in my opinion anyway. Meson Lo Gueno was the perfect place to do this. Whether it be in the afternoon, after an afternoon spent relaxing on the beach, or late in the evening, it was such a great spot.

Meson Lo Gueno, Malaga, Spain.
Meson Lo Gueno, Malaga, Spain.

Central Beers Craft Beer, Calle Cárcer

I’m aware that a craft beer bar might not be exactly what you had in mind when looking for must-visit spots around Malaga, but, bare with me with this one. Located on Calle Cárcer, and very conveniently just around the corner from where I was staying, Central Beers quickly turned into a go-to bar of mine for a quick afternoon/early evening drink. Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of a lager or pale ale, I’ve always loved a good Belgian fruit beer and, at Central Beers, there was plenty to choose from. Their Lindemans cherry beer ended up being a staple of mine while I was away (as was the house red). As for the space itself, it was effortlessly cool – high tables, exposed brick walls and an incredibly well-stocked bar. For a relaxed few drinks in the heart of Malaga, Central Beers should certainly be on your list.

Central Beers, Malaga, Spain.
Central Beers, Malaga, Spain.

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12 thoughts on “Malaga food guide | 3 must-visit tapas bars in Malaga, Spain

  1. I’ve never been before but definitely going to be adding this to my list! Seeing that food has made me hungry. Loved this post.

    Alanna xo

    1. It was a fab trip! I think Malaga is probably top of my list for places to visit once it’s safe to travel again – I loved it so much 🙂 x

  2. What delicious food from El Tapeo de Cervantes! Just from the photos, I can tell it is moist, something I love in my food, especially when it comes to meat, and the sauces look flavorful. 🙂

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