Female Original in 2023 – what does it look like?

Female Original in 2023 - what does it look like exactly?

Since starting up this website back in 2017, a lot has changed. For starters, Female Original began as a university lifestyle website – specialising in recipes for students, university style tips and general insights into what my lifestyle was like at university. As a then 19-year-old, it was an accurate representation of where my life was at at that time. However, as we head into 2023, I’m writing to you as a woman in her mid-twenties. And that looks a lot different to life as a 19-year-old student, let me tell you. First off, I spend my days working full-time in the world of marketing and I don’t exactly have the same amount of free time that I did in my student days to spend luxuriating in the fantastic world of blogging. And, second of all, I’ve just changed a lot over those years. 

So, what are you saying exactly?

Well, what I’m trying to say is that Female Original has always been a representation of my interests and passions. It’s been everything from a student blog to a music website (and everything in between). And, whilst I’m so grateful to have experimented with each different aspect of my personality (and interests) over the last six years or so, in the last year, I’ve figured out what this space is for.

A bottle of Journey's End Chardonnay, 2021 wine
Lancelot's Spritz at Nova Scotia restaurant in Liverpool.

What can you expect from Female Original moving forward?

It’s still the one-woman band that it’s always been, run by yours truly (Faye – that’s me by the way). But, as we move forward, Female Original is very much so all about the world of drinks.

A bottle of Mount Rozier The Red Snapper Cinsault 2021.

Wine reviews

2021 – 2022 saw me develop a serious passion for wine, which started with me studying for my WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) Level 1 Award in Wines in 2021. Since then, I’ve really gotten into learning more about wine and figuring out how to share it with you all in a way that feels easy to understand – so much so that I built the Wine Wednesday review series.

Cocktail recipes

Whilst wine is most definitely sitting in the driver’s seat when it comes to Female Original’s content, we’ll say that cocktails are the “backseat driver” (let’s just go with that, okay?).  When I’m not writing a new review for Wine Wednesday, I’ll be exploring the spirits scene, searching for the next best gin, rum, vodka or whiskey to add to your cocktails. So, be sure to keep an eye out for spirits reviews and cocktail creations in addition to wine reviews.

A bottle of Entreflores Albariño wine.
Van Hunks MCC rosé brut sparkling wine review - Wine Wednesday - Female Original

Bar and restaurant recommendations

Drinks are the main thing on Female Original, but I won’t be shying away from sharing a few of my favourite restaurants every now and then (especially if they’ve got a particularly excellent wine list to accompany their dishes). As a Liverpool local, I’ll mostly share my insights on some of the best bars to visit and restaurants to explore in the city. But, if I find a particularly great spot outside of my home city, it might find its way onto this website too.

Playlists for your drinks

Over the years, music has been a big part of my content – so it’d seem a shame to completely eradicate it from Female Original. Whilst the likes of the Legends Slot series might’ve come to their end, I won’t be removing music from Female Original altogether. Instead, I’ll be sharing music-related content that fits into the world of drinks. So, you can expect playlists that have been specifically curated to match up with your favourite drinks. Looking for a few tracks to pair your mid-week glass of merlot? I’ll do my best to capture that vibe with a specific playlist for you. Simply have a search through the Female Original Spotify to find the perfect playlist to pair with your drink. And, if you feel like something is missing, let me know and I’ll create a playlist for you.

Some final thoughts

Look, I know so many of you joined me back in my lifestyle blogging days and this whole wine-enthusiast spiel that I’m serving you might not be your bag. But it’s where we’re at right now – and where I’ll be for the foreseeable future. So, if you’re at all interested in exploring the world of drinks with me then hey, welcome to Female Original. I’ll see you on the other side (aka, 2023) for wine reviews, cocktail recipes, bar recs and great tunes very soon.

Entreflores Albariño

Van Hunks MCC rosé brut

Mount Rozier The Red Snapper Cinsault

14 thoughts on “Female Original in 2023 – what does it look like?

  1. Since I love to learn about different wines and cocktails I’m really happy to hear your focus will include these things. I look forward to reading more of your posts Faye!

    1. Glad to hear you’re on board with the new direction, Jodie. I hope you enjoy discovering some new wines and spirits in the New Year 🙂

  2. A good few years ago when I first started reading your blog, I didn’t really drink so I was very much here for the other content. However, since then, I’ve become a huge wine enthusiast (in moderation, of course!) so I’m really, really, really excited for this and to hopefully find some new recommendations from you 🙂 Good luck with this new avenue for Female Original going forward!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenny! I appreciate you following the Female Original journey over the last few years and am so happy to hear you’re on board with the new content. I’ll be sharing more wine education pieces soon so, if you’re looking to learn more about wine, they should be helpful for getting started 🙂

  3. It was interesting reading about your blog has evolved over the ideas, and it does seem like you found your stride. I hope you have a fantastic 2023 and I aæsp love the idea of playlists for your drinks

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