The Best Alcohol Gifts to Give to your Dad this Father’s Day

The Best Alcohol Gifts to Give to your Dad this Father's Day - Female Original

Looking for a boozy gift to give to your dad this Father’s Day? Whether your dad is a wine drinker, spirit lover or cocktail fanatic, there’s something for every Dad in this guide. Keep reading to discover some of the best alcohol gifts to give to your dad this Father’s Day. This post contains items that were given to me as press samples as well as affiliate links. For more information please feel free to read my disclaimer and privacy policy.

For the coffee-loving Dad

Does your dad love a good ole’ cup of joe? If the answer is ABSOLUTELY then allow me to introduce you to my top three boozy gifts that happen to have a lil kick of coffee to them. 

19 Crimes, The Deported Red Wine

Starting us off on the caffeinated gift goodness is a cold brew infused wine from 19 Crimes. Sounds absolutely wild… and wonderful, right? For anyone who isn’t familiar with 19 Crimes, it’s a wine brand whose name was actually inspired by the 19 crimes that turned convicts into the colonists who built Australia. 19 Crimes are known for doing different things when it comes to their wines, and that most definitely is the case when it comes to their coffee-infused red wine: The Deported, which brings together a red blend of shiraz, pinot noir, grenache and cabernet sauvignon, with a shot of freshly roasted Colombian cold brew coffee.

19 Crimes Cold Brew Wine, The Deported - Female Original
RRP £10, 19 Crimes, The Deported, available at Morrisons, Tesco and various other UK supermarkets

I have to admit that this probably won’t be to everyone’s tastes, BUT if your dad is a coffee lover then it’s definitely worth letting him experiment with this unique taste sensation. On the nose it’s entirely a cup of coffee. But when you take the first sip it’s actually nowhere near as coffee-ish as the scent would make it seem.  

First and foremost, this is a red wine. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. At the end of the day you don’t want a coffee infused wine to taste like a cup of coffee do you? So the fact that this is still very much a red wine is definitely welcomed. It’s a fairly light bodied red that I personally feel should be served lightly chilled. I tried it out alongside food but found that it actually shines by itself. If your dad loves his coffee then this is a must try! 

A few others…

Patron XO Coffee Liqueur - Shop The Bar - Female Original

Patron XO Café

Next up is a classic, Patron XO Café coffee tequila. This is a real staple gift for me when it comes to buying for my dad. It’s a favourite of his so whenever a special occasion comes around I’ll always pick up a bottle for him. If you decide to pick your dad up a bottle of this incredible tequila then make sure to CHILL IT! I always keep my bottle in the freezer and whip it out as a nightcap on special occasions. Your dad will definitely appreciate you taking the time to chill it to perfection. Trust me. 

RRP £30 for 70cl, available in Tesco

Black Fire Tequila - Female Original

Black Fire Tequila

For a spicy twist on a classic coffee tequila, how about Black Fire Tequila? Combining delicious coffee and tequila with a kick of chilli, Black Fire is the ultimate Father’s Day treat. When you first try it out it’s got a seriously chocolatey scent and taste to it, but soon after you’ll taste the buzz from the coffee and finish with a chilli hit. 

RRP £24.80 for 70cl, available online at Master of Malt.

For the cocktail-loving Dad

With lockdown having made us all embrace our inner mixologist, at-home cocktails have never been so popular. Something that’s been so exciting to see in the last year is the rise in at-home cocktail kits and pre-mixed cocktails that seem to have taken the UK by storm. And I for one have absolutely loved seeing these bar standard drinks kits popping up all over the market. This Father’s Day I wanted to share a few of my favourite cocktail kits (as well as some great cocktail recipes) that’ll definitely wow your Dad. If your Dad knows his old fashioned’s from his whiskey sour’s then these are for him. 

World of Zing Cocktails

World of Zing are bringing incredible bar-standard drinks straight to your door with their Whiskey Lovers Cocktail Collection. Made up of four 50ml cocktails, each in a travel-friendly single serve bottle, the Whiskey Lovers Cocktail Collection is the perfect little gift to give this Father’s Day. 

Inside, you’ll find: 

  • Yuzu Whiskey Sour (16% ABV)
  • Steel Aged Manhattan (29% ABV)
  • Seville Orange Old Fashioned (29% ABV)
  • Manhattan Sour (17% ABV)

…all of which have been handcrafted in small batches in South London using only the finest spirits, luxury bitters, liqueurs and unique ageing processes by leading mixologists and flavour experts.

These are all seriously high quality cocktails that really do make you feel as though you’re sat in your favourite bar! My personal favourite was the Manhattan Sour (which tasted a lot like a sweet and fruity Whiskey Sour), but they’re all absolute winners. All you have to do is add ice, serve and enjoy! 

World of Zing Whiskey Lovers Collection - Female Original
RRP £16.00, available to buy on the World of Zing website

Send an old fashioned

Sometimes it isn’t always possible to visit your Dad on Father’s Day (especially with restrictions this year) which definitely throws a spanner in the works when it comes to sending him a Father’s Day gift. If you aren’t able to see your Dad this Father’s Day, and are concerned about what to get him, don’t worry. Enter ‘Send an Old Fashioned’. 

Send an Old Fashioned is a personalised letterbox cocktail delivery service that lets you send an individual cocktail to whoever you desire THROUGH the letterbox! If you’re struggling to find a gift that shows your appreciation this Father’s Day, and want something that your Dad won’t have to sit around waiting to be delivered, then this is absolutely it! You can choose between sending one, two or five single serve cocktails, and all you have to do when they arrive is pour them over ice. Couldn’t be easier. 

Send an Old Fashioned - Female Original
RRP £10.00 for a single serve, available to order at

Benriach Whisky Cocktails

If your Dad’s into the cocktail-making experience just as much as the cocktail-drinking experience then how about gifting him a bottle of Benriach whisky…along with a few cocktail recommendations for him to experiment with. Pop a bottle of The Original Ten into a gift box along with all the ingredients needed for some delicious cocktails and get experimenting with some recipes. I recommend giving the Short & Spicy and the Short & Sweet a go, both of which use their Original Ten whisky, a Speyside single malt Scotch whisky that’s fit for Father’s Day celebrations! 

Benriach Short & Spicy - Father's Day Alcohol Gift Guide - Female Original
Benriach Short & Sweet - Father's Day Alcohol Gift Guide - Female Original
Benriach Whiskey - Female Original
RRP £37.95, available to buy from Master of Malt

A few of my personal favourites…

In case you’re in need of any further cocktail inspiration for Father’s Day this year, I’ve picked out a few of my favourites for you to try out. 

French 75 with Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin - Female Original
French 75 – Recipe here.
Espresso Martini – Recipe here.
Cocktail Hour: Gin Fizz Recipe - Female Original
Gin Fizz – Recipe here.

For the spirit-loving Dad

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of your Dad’s favourite spirit when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. As I always say, I actually think that buying someone a bottle of what you know is their favourite spirit can be a really personal gift. It shows that you know them well enough to get something that will truly be to their taste. That being said, I do also think that gifts are all about buying someone something that they wouldn’t normally get for themselves.

If you know that your Dad goes for the same bottle of gin every time he buys a bottle, then Father’s Day is the perfect time to treat him to an extra special gin that he wouldn’t normally treat himself to. So this Father’s Day I wanted to share a few luxurious spirits from some amazing independent brands. They’re all seriously treat-worthy and will surely surprise and impress your Dad this Father’s Day. 

Oxford Rye Organic Vodka

First up is an Organic Rye Vodka from The Oxford Artisan Distillery. It’s the company’s debut vodka and has already won them a double-gold medal. Their distillery is completely unique in that it’s one of the very few grain-to-glass distilleries in Britain. This means that they both grow and distill their own grains for their spirits. They’re also proud to say that they use sustainable practices in their processes and use zero pesticides or herbicides on their land. 

Oxford Rye Organic Vodka
RRP £34.95, available online at Master of Malt

As for the spirit itself, I’d describe it as having a “clean” taste. No harshness, just completely smooth and delicious to drink. Fresh, light and lemony, it’s a vodka that everyone would enjoy. If you’ve followed Female Original for a while then you’ll know how fussy I am with vodka, so this one most definitely meets (and exceeds) my expectations. 

Eccentric Cask-Aged Gin

Cask-aged gin…sounds absolutely magical right? The Welsh Wind has made magic into reality with their Limbeck cask-aged gin from their Eccentric Collection. Aged in casks that previously held French Burgundy wine, the Limbeck has a completely unique taste. The flavour itself is a mix of Seville orange and tarragon, along with blue ginger too. If your dad is a bit of a gin connoisseur then you seriously need to get this for him. It’s completely unlike any other gin I’ve ever tried. 

Eccentric Spirits Cask Aged Gin
RRP £38.00, available to buy from In The Welsh Wind.

Thunderflower Gin

Based in Devon, Thunderflower Distillery is an award-winning micro-distillery that produces amazing small-batch craft gins. This Father’s Day I wanted to highlight their latest gin release, the ‘FireShip 58’. Distilled in small batches using the London Dry method, FireShip 58 is an award-winning gin that sits at a whopping 58% ABV. Where does the name Fireship come from you ask? Well in 17th century naval warfare, Fire Ships were wooden ships that were packed with combustibles and gunpowder. These ships would then be set on fire and steered towards enemies. When FireShip 58 is made, pure Dartmoor spring water is added to dilute it down to 58% ABV, which is the strength at which gunpowder will still burn. Hence the name.

Thunderflower Fire Ship Gin
RRP £49.00, available on Master of Malt

As for the taste of this bad boy, it’s actually surprisingly very smooth. I tested it out straight and alongside tonic and it still had a lightness to it which I wasn’t expecting. A real class act.


If your Dad is into his dark spirits then this range of rums from ARLU could be right up his street. Based in Manchester, ARLU’s rum collection is imported from the award-winning Demerara Diamond Distillery and blended in their HQ with spices and all natural flavours. In their latest range is:

  • An original spiced rum
  • A passionfruit & mango rum
  • A blood orange rum

All three are absolutely delicious but I wanted to highlight the classic original spiced rum for Father’s Day this year. Ideal for use in a spiced rum mojito, ARLU’s spice rum is smooth, slightly sweet and, of course, spicy. It’s a brilliant well-rounded rum that will delight any dark spirit lover. Enjoy it with a classic cola or, for an even spicier sensation, a ginger beer.  

ARLU Rum Original Spiced - Female Original
RRP £25.00, available to buy at ARLU.

Daddy Rack Whiskey

Finishing off the boozy guide is an aptly named spirit called Daddy Rack. Made from their own original recipe, Daddy Rack is a Tennessee whiskey that’s sure to wow both connoisseurs and first-time whiskey drinkers. Smooth and buttery on the palette, Daddy Rack brings flavours of honey, caramelised banana and light oak as well. A super drinkable whiskey perfect as a nightcap this Father’s Day. 

Daddy Rack Whiskey - Female Original
RRP £35.95, available to buy at Master of Malt.

What drinks do you think your Dad would love to receive this Father’s Day? Is your Dad more of a cocktail-maker or rum connoisseur. Let me know in the comments! 

Female Original

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20 thoughts on “The Best Alcohol Gifts to Give to your Dad this Father’s Day

  1. Vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey come in so many beautiful and eclectic flavors. I am partial to both giving and imbibing the small-batch ones, as I love the idea that attention to detail and the making process adds to the flavor of a thing. A World of Flavor’s recipe cards make each drink sound refreshing and welcome. Chilled Patron XO Café also sounds delicious!
    Thanks for sharing an awesome list of boozy gift ideas. 🙂

    1. Agreed! There’s something so special about small-batch drinks that makes them even more special as gifts 🙂 x

  2. Some amazing recommendations here! The Zing pack looks super cool, definitely adding that to my list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great list! This is really helpful and perfectly on time for Fathers Day. I will certainly be checking these out. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! So happy there were a few drinks in there that you liked the sound of 🙂 x

  4. I’ve honestly been trying to find a favourite through all of these, and maybe I am unable to pick one…but that cold brew infused wine sounds like fire!! I need to get my paws on it because I am sure the girls and I will love it!

    Also, the cocktails…Faye, you are making it so difficult for me today! #waitingonpayday
    S x

    1. Haha, I feel you — there’s no way I could choose a favourite either! The cold brew infused wine is absolutely mad, but I do think it works! I hope you enjoy trying it out 🙂 x

  5. My sister and I would always get our Dad a bottle of Glenfiddich (12-year old classic) as he loved it so much. He isn’t with us anymore as he died a number of years ago but I always think of him when I see it. The alcohol gift ideas you have here are really great, I’m pretty sure many dads would enjoy some of these!

    1. Aww, I love that Glenfiddich has such a strong meaning for you. It’s so strange but wonderful how something like a bottle of spirit can hold such precious memories! 🙂 x

  6. I want the single serving cocktail! Oops sorry daddy. Haha you will have to share lol! Your list is great. Lots of very attractive choices there. Thanks!

  7. Such a great mix here. I’m not that keen on coffee flavours in my alcoholic drinks but the 19 crimes one sounds so interesting. I need to try it. I don’t think of coffee and wine combinations often so I think it would be a nice change x


    1. Thanks Sophie! The 19 Crimes wine is so intriguing isn’t it? I’d love to know what you think of it if you do try it out 🙂 x

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