How to make an Espresso Martini with Jägermeister Cold Brew

How To Make An Espresso Martini With Jägermeister Cold Brew - Female Original

The cold weather is officially here. We can’t fight it anymore. But if there’s one way to help ease the blow of the chilly nights, it’s with a brand new cocktail recipe. And I’ve got just the drink to warm you up this season…the Jägermeister Cold Brew Espresso Martini.

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A Brief History Of Jägermeister

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Jägermeister as a brand, or their latest product the Jäger Cold Brew, don’t worry I’m here to explain. Starting with Jägermeister themselves…they’re a German company known for their iconic herbal liqueur, Jägermeister. The drink can be described as a ‘digestif’ which is pretty much the opposite of an ‘aperitif‘. This means that, while the aperitif is a drink that’s typically enjoyed before meal, a digestif is (yep, you guessed it) something you drink after a meal.

How To Make An Espresso Martini With Jägermeister Cold Brew - Female Original
How To Make An Espresso Martini With Jägermeister Cold Brew - Female Original

The name ‘Jägermeister’ translates to ‘master hunter’, which links back to the liqueur’s maker, Curt Mast, who was a keen hunter (and liqueur lover as well!). He developed the drink himself and it was ready for release in 1935. Since its creation, the classic recipe remains completely unchanged to this day and it’s even still served in its iconic green glass bottle.

So, what is Jägermeister Cold Brew?

Jägermeister’s latest release comes in the form of a coffee twist on their classic liqueur, the Cold Brew. Jäger Cold Brew brings together the classic herbal flavours of the original drink with an intense cold brew coffee addition. Perfect for sipping on as the weather chills a little.

How To Make An Espresso Martini With Jägermeister Cold Brew - Female Original
How To Make An Espresso Martini With Jägermeister Cold Brew - Female Original

How To Make A Jägermeister Cold Brew Espresso Martini

I tried out a few different versions of the recipe until I found the one and boy is it delicious. Compared to a few of the other cocktails that I’ve shared here this one has a little bit more preparation involved. But it’s still super simple so don’t worry. The only prep needed is making up your 40ml of coffee and adding in the Nutella in advance.

How To Make An Espresso Martini With Jägermeister Cold Brew - Female Original

I’ve found that the best thing to do is to pop the Nutella in with the coffee, give it a stir until it melts in and then cool the coffee/Nutella mix in the fridge for a little while before you make up the cocktail. That way it stops any ‘bittiness’ when you make the drink up. The first time I made it I didn’t leave the coffee to cool and the drink ended up looking as though it had split a bit. So my one tip is to make sure you chill the coffee and Nutella mixture first!

Ingredients & method

50ml coffee

40ml Jägermeister Cold Brew*

1 teaspoon Nutella

10ml sugar syrup

3 coffee beans

Plenty of ice




Add the Nutella into 40ml of hot coffee and stir until it’s melted.

Once melted, put the coffee and Nutella mix into the fridge to chill for around 30 minutes.

Fill your martini glass with crushed ice (to chill it).

Fill half/three-quarters of your cocktail shaker with crushed ice.

Take the coffee/Nutella mixture out of the fridge. Add into the cocktail shaker.

Add in the 40ml Jäger Cold Brew and the sugar syrup.

Pop the lid on the shaker and give it a good ‘ole shake.

Remove the ice from your martini glass and strain in the liquid from the shaker.

Add three coffee beans to the top of the cocktail. Serve and enjoy!

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43 thoughts on “How to make an Espresso Martini with Jägermeister Cold Brew

    1. I actually really hate liquorice so I know what you mean. That being said, despite being a liquorice hater, I have always enjoyed Jagermeister.

      In some recipes people have used 50ml of Jager Cold Brew but in this one I prefer using 40ml and slightly more coffee. That way you still get a nice herbal flavour from the Cold Brew (plus the coffee twist) and then a strong coffee flavour from the coffee/Nutella mix. I’d say it really is all about the ratio of cold brew to coffee. Personally I think the coffee flavour comes through really nicely! 🙂

  1. Hi Faye. I’m a big fan of coffee so I’m very tempted by this one. We don’t have a cocktail shaker but I’m sure I could improvise in MacGyver style!

  2. Compared to most of the recipes you share, which I always find right up my alley, this drink sounds daring and intense, mostly because of the cold coffee. I love trying something new, especially when it fits into the colder weather, but I will most likely try this on a sunny day.. Now I just have to get my hands on some Jagermeister. 🙂

    1. Haha it’s definitely the most intense one I’ve posted so far! It’s a really great Autumn/Winter drink – one that I’ll be making over and over this year for sure. Just need to master the foaming technique next! 🙂

  3. I’ve been dying to try the cold brew! I’ve heard so many good things about it and this espresso Martini looks incredible gal! X

  4. I’m not a huge person for alcohol personally but I have to say that I love how you wrote this post and detailing Jagermeister and who they were and about the brand. I’ll be passing this post on to a few of my friends who will probably try this out for themselves too.

    1. Ahh thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed reading it even if you aren’t into alcohol personally (I’m planning to feature non alcoholic recipes in the future so stay tuned!) 🙂

  5. It has been ages since I had Jagermeister. That drink is so potent – I save it for the special occasions. I didn’t even know that their cold brew espresso martini is a thing!! That is one way to really enjoy a morning drink hehe. So cool that you got to try this out. I know you got me interested!! I’ve ordered espresso martinis when I wanted something alcoholic but still wake me up heh

    Nancy ✨

  6. Okay, I’m very interested. I haven’t touched jager in years but I love coffee and I’m so intrigued by what that flavour combination potentially tastes like. I need to try some of this! x


    1. It’s so difficult to try and imagine what it would taste like but, in my experience, when you taste it it tastes exactly like what you’d think (if that makes sense haha!). x

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