Entreflores Albariño wine review with ClickNDrink | Wine Wednesday

A bottle of Entreflores Albariño wine.

This week, we’re off to Spain for Wine Wednesday and exploring a bottle of Albariño by Entreflores. Come along to uncover what’s behind the – arguably most beautiful-looking – bottle and decide for yourself whether it’s worth adding to your shopping cart this Wednesday.

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ClickNDrink is a UK-based online alcohol retailer specialising in everything from beer to spirits to wines. Known for offering a huge range of top-name brands, as well as plenty of signature, smaller-independent labels, ClickNDrink is a great place to stock up on everything you need to build your at-home bar. While there’s a significant range of drinks available on their site, I’m focusing on their wine offering for this piece – more specifically, a stunningly beautiful bottle of Albariño. So…let’s start exploring that, shall we?

A bottle of Entreflores Albariño wine.
A bottle of Entreflores Albariño wine.

Entreflores Albariño

If the striking electric blue bottle was anything to go by, the Entreflores Albariño was bound to be an exciting bottle of white to try out. Let’s explore it together! What first struck me about the Entreflores Albariño was just how pale it was in the glass. There was a slight tinge of lemon but, overall, it was almost colourless. The lack of colour (although not necessarily a problem, more of a surprise!), however, was quickly overpowered by its aromas. This bottle greets you with crisp green fruits, sharp citrus (gooseberry, lemon) and a slight buttery undertone.

A bottle of Entreflores Albariño wine.

Moving onto the flavours, the citrus scents of the Albariño were what stood out to me most on the palate. This acidic and tangy bottle was full of fresh citrus, yet – at no point – felt too sharp or acidic. It’s well-balanced and, thanks to its medium body, felt well-rounded in the mouth. The finish is medium, with the citrus being the last flavour to linger. If you’re searching for a white wine that balances tang with a soft touch, this is it.

Pair your Albariño with some tunes

Before you pour out your glass of Entreflores Albariño, be sure to press play on my Wine Wednesday playlist and enjoy the full wine-bar experience at home.

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Does this bottle take your fancy this Wine Wednesday? To order your own bottle of Entreflores Albariño this Wednesday, head to ClickNDrink.

4 thoughts on “Entreflores Albariño wine review with ClickNDrink | Wine Wednesday

  1. The citrus undertones sound amazing and something I would probably like a lot as well, especially if it’s not too acidic! The bottle and label are also so eye-catching! Thanks for sharing your review of this, beautiful photos too! 🙂

  2. Cool review and I don’t know much about wine. So, this was good information to take. I will check more of your reviews to know more about other wines. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll be sharing a series of wine education pieces in the new year so, if you’re looking to learn more about wine, they’ll be a great place to start.

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