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A bottle of Domaine des Terres Dorées Beaujolais Blanc wine.

Wine Wednesday takes us to France this week, as we explore a bottle of Beaujolais Blanc from the well-known French wine producer Domaine des Terres Dorées. Discover my thoughts on this bottle of Beaujolais Blanc and learn why it should be on your radar this Wednesday. 

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What is Beaujolais Blanc?

Beaujolais (pronounced bow-zhuh-lay) blanc is a type of white wine produced in Beaujolais, France – just south of Burgundy. The wine is made from Chardonnay grapes and typically has a crisp and refreshing flavour, with aromas of stone fruits, pear and melon.

About Domaine des Terres Dorées

Terres Dorées is a French vineyard owned and run by Jean-Paul Brun. Jean-Paul has run the vineyard in the south of Beaujolais since 1977 and, over time, has become the best-known wine producer in the south of the region. Terres Dorées specialises in chardonnay grapes, as well as Beaujolais “L’Ancien” which is a Gamay made from old vines. To discover more about the fantastic world of Beaujolais wines, visit the official Beaujolais website.

Domaine des Terres Dorées Beaujolais Blanc review

The Beaujolais Blanc wine from Terres Dorées is the 2021 vintage, made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. Its appearance is a lovely shining straw colour. As for the aromas, you can expect crisp, citrus fruit (lemon) and ripe stone fruits. There’s a luxurious buttery quality in the background, as well as a sweet honey and honeysuckle scent as well.

When first tasting the Terres Dorées white Beaujolais, you’re greeted with a big hit of tangy citrus. However, this sharp tang is quickly balanced out with a smooth, buttery quality, which creates a well-rounded taste. The body (the way the wine feels in your mouth) is medium, as is its acidity, and it’s dry yet fruity. The lasting flavour is satisfyingly fruity, with the signature tang balanced with buttery undertones. A great white wine that’s ideal as an aperitif.

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