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Cune Rosado Rioja 2021 - Wine Wednesday - Female Original

In this week’s Wine Wednesday I’ve got an easy-drinking bottle of rosé for you from Spanish winery, Cune. Join me to discover what the 2021 Cune Rosado Rioja has to say for itself and decide for yourself if you fancy picking a bottle up this Wine Wednesday

​​This post is in collaboration with CVNE and includes a product provided to me as a press sample. For more information about this, please review my privacy policy and disclaimer.

About CVNE and the Cune winery

Founded in 1879, CVNE (Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España) is a Spanish wine organisation based in Haro, Rioja. The company was founded by two brothers and, over 140 years later, is still controlled by the family’s descendants. Whilst the organisation is known as CVNE, there are four core wineries within the brand: Cune, Imperial, Vina Real and Contino. This week’s choice for Wine Wednesday comes from the Cune winery, within the wider CVNE organisation.

Cune is a Spanish winery based in La Rioja, about one hour south of the city of Bilbao. Since the company was first founded, Cune wines have been produced every year with the aim of creating classic Rioja Alta wines. “What is Rioja Alta?” you ask. It’s the most western part of the Rioja region and is known for wines with more acidity and longevity for ageing. These characteristics are due to the vineyards in the region being situated at higher altitudes.

The women behind CVNE

CVNE isn’t just steeped in history, but it also strives to create more change in the industry. The company has a very heavily female-led team of winemakers and consistently looks to champion women across the wine industry. One of the most significant names in CVNE is Maria Larrea, the Technical Director of the company. Maria is responsible for overseeing winemaking across Cune and Imperial wines, in their Haro-based winery. Supporting the CVNE team in the winemaking process are also Eva de Benito, Head Winemaker of Viña Real, and Sara Juan, Winemaker and expert behind their range of Bela wines.

Cune Rosado Rioja 2021 review

Onto the wine itself, we begin with its pretty pale blush colour. On the nose, you can expect bright red fruit aromas, such as strawberry and raspberry, making way to crisp and zesty citrus – think grapefruit – and slight floral notes. It’s a medium-bodied rosé with an acidity that balances alongside its overall smoothness. On the palate, the overarching flavours are in line with its red fruit aromas. You can expect strawberry and raspberry flavours with the same citrus you get on the nose. Its lovely fruitiness is almost reminiscent of something along the lines of a Frube yoghurt (if you know, you know). By the end, you’re still left with the fresh red fruit flavours and an overall dryness that balances everything out. At £8.50 a bottle, this is a great, easy-drinking rosé.

Pair your Rosado with these tunes

Ready to try out the Cune Rosado Rioja? Get the vibes right with my Wine Wednesday playlist and enjoy your Wednesday.

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