Christmas celebrations at LEAF, Liverpool (review)

When it comes to foodie spots in Liverpool, LEAF has to be up there for me. I often frequent both their Smithdown Road and Bold Street venues for some loaded hummus, calamari and chunky chips as an afternoon snack. This time, however, I stopped by their Bold Street venue to try out their festive offerings as part of their Christmas tasting menu.

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LEAF, Liverpool’s festive menu

So, let’s get straight into the festive menu. Just off the bat, one thing that instantly stood out to me about LEAF’s festive menu was the fact that their options aren’t all entirely “Christmassy”. You can decide for yourself just how festive you want to go with your food. Sometimes, you don’t want a typical Christmas dinner for your work Christmas do, or for a festive family dinner out. So, the fact that LEAF offers a range of options that felt traditional and non-traditional was an instant win in my eyes. To get us in the festive spirit, LEAF had whipped up a Santa Spritz for everyone. Think Aperol Spritz but make it Christmas. That’s a Santa Spritz – prosecco, Aperol, cranberry juice, “Santa Syrup” and a sprig of rosemary. Delicious.

Ham hock, pork belly and tarragon terrine

Onto the menu itself…to kick off the festive experience I chose their ham hock, pork belly and tarragon terrine. It’s not something that I’d usually go for but, I have to admit, it was pretty amazing. Served alongside the terrine were a spiced pineapple chutney and toasted focaccia. The chutney was the perfect bit of sweetness to cut through the rich terrine.

Santa Spritz cocktail from LEAF, Bold Street, Liverpool.
Ham hock terrine at LEAF, Bold Street, Liverpool.

Roast cod with warm potato salad and coconut curry sauce

For my main course, I had to go with the fish dish: roast cod with a warm potato salad and coconut curry sauce. Not a typical Christmas dinner meal, I’ll admit. However, as I said before, the non-traditionality of LEAF’s festive menu is what makes it so brilliant in my eyes. The cod was cooked to absolute perfection, and the potato salad almost took me right back to my holidays in Malaga. There was something about it that reminded me of the Russian salads that I tried at some of my favourite tapas bars over there. The curry sauce was light and creamy, with a slight kick to it. A perfect balance to the cod.

Curried cod from LEAF, Bold Street, Liverpool
King Stag Chardonnay from LEAF, Bold Street, Liverpool.

The wine pairing

If you know me, and Female Original, then you’ll know that the wine pairing was just as important to me as the food itself. I paired both with their King Stag Chardonnay which was a delicious, medium-bodied, buttery chardonnay. Right up my street. If you like a less acidic chardonnay then the King Stag is most definitely for you. It went brilliantly with both the terrine and the cod, a real star.

White chocolate and cranberry bread and butter pudding

To round off my three-course dinner, I opted for ultimate decadence with their white chocolate and cranberry bread and butter pudding. LEAF has truly spoiled guests for choice with its range of desserts this Christmas. Whilst their panna cotta was tempting, my love of carbs took over and it was the bread and butter pudding that took my fancy. It was everything that I was hoping for. Sweet, but not too sweet.

The wine pairing

I paired this bad boy with a glass of the Apericena Appassimento. This red was giving me pure cherry and plum, with a hint of vanilla. It was the perfect wine to pair with any Christmas dinner.

Bread and butter pudding from LEAF, Bold Street, Liverpool.
Apericena Appassimento wine from LEAF, Bold Street, Liverpool.

LEAF Liverpool’s at-home feast box

It’s fair to say that the festive experience at LEAF on Bold Street lived up, and exceeded, my expectations. And, if you’re in charge of the work Christmas do this year then LEAF should absolutely be on your list. But, if you’re wanting to get a festive experience in your home then LEAF’s at-home feast box could be just what you’re looking for. As part of their festive range, LEAF has put together a “feast box” which contains a mix of delicious festive treats to enjoy at home. We’re talking turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing, roasties and sprouts. Everything you need for your festive celebrations. Sound like a bit of you? Find out more by getting in touch here.

LEAF Liverpool's at-home Christmas feast box.

Does the LEAF festive menu sound like it could be up your street? Will the Santa Spritz become a go-to cocktail for you? Let me know in the comments! 

12 thoughts on “Christmas celebrations at LEAF, Liverpool (review)

    1. It was incredible! The Bold Street venue is lovely for a lunch. I’d definitely recommend visiting next time you’re here 🙂

  1. This looks like a lovely menu! Some of the things I haven’t tried but they look really yummy! This post is making me hungry ha ha! Thank you for sharing your experience.


  2. Leaf looks like a positively gastronomical experience and I am drooling over the descriptions of the food and drink! The pork belly sounds like it is juicy and packed with flavor, but the curry also sounds perfectly paired with the cod, and I LOVE the sounds of the white chocolate in the dessert. You won me over with the Apericena Appassimento wine too; those flavors!

    Thanks so much for sharing a marvelous dining-out location. 🙂

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