Chocolate lovers Christmas gift guide (the best chocolate Christmas gifts)

Willie's Cacao Chocolate Drinks Collection laying on a fluffy blanket.

Christmas isn’t complete without plenty of chocolate now, is it? If you’re on the lookout for some chocolate Christmas gifts to give this Christmas, I’ve got you covered with this list. Here are some of the top chocolate Christmas gifts to give to the chocolate lovers in your life this Christmas. This post contains some items that were sent to me as press samples, these have been marked with an asterisk. For more information, please read my disclaimer and privacy policy.

Willie’s Cacao Chocolate Truffles (chocolate Christmas gifts)

To kick things off, I wanted to start with one of my favourite chocolate brands: Willie’s Cacao. They’re a UK company that specialises in creating delicious chocolate from bean to bar. By this, I mean that they control their whole chocolate-making process. They source their ingredients directly from the farmers and produce everything using 100% natural ingredients. Whilst their classic chocolate bars are incredible, I wanted to highlight their truffles this Christmas. Here are three that would make great gifts.

Dark Chocolate Champagne Truffles
RRP £9.49, available online at Willie’s Cacao.

Hotel Chocolat chocolate gift boxes

When it comes to chocolate gifts, you really can’t go wrong with a gift box from Hotel Chocolat. Their products are both delicious and beautiful to look at, making them the perfect ready-to-gift product. For this Christmas, I’ve picked out four options from their range that I think would make wonderful gifts. 

Hotel Chocolat Everything Sleekster Luxe box

For a decadent chocolate treat, look no further than Hotel Chocolat’s Everything Sleekster Luxe box. Made up of a collection of Hotel Chocolat’s most iconic chocolates, this 44-chocolate gift box is sure to wow this season.

RRP £36.50, available online and in-store at Hotel Chocolat.

Order now

Stocking fillers from Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat also has a range of smaller chocolate gifts that would make brilliant stocking fillers. Here are three suggestions, all of which are under £15. 

The Classic Christmas H-Box
RRP £13.50, available online and in-store at Hotel Chocolat.

Tipsy Truffles H-Box
RRP £13.50, available online and in-store at Hotel Chocolat.

Unbelievably Vegan H-Box
RRP £13.50, available online and in-store at Hotel Chocolat.

Chocolate liqueurs & chocolate spirits (chocolate Christmas gifts)

Hotel Chocolat’s Tipsy Truffles have created the perfect segue into my final section of this gift guide, boozy chocolate gifts. To round off my chocolate gift guide, I’ve picked out four alcoholic chocolate gifts that will seriously impress your giftee this Christmas.

Hotel Chocolat Velvetised Chocolate Cream Liqueur

the Hotel Chocolat Velvetised Chocolate Cream Liqueur. This isn’t the first time that I’ve shouted about my love for this drink here on Female Original. I featured it in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide, and I’m sure I’ll be featuring it again in gift guides to come. The drink brings together their creamy, signature chocolate with a good kick of vodka. Honestly, it’s incredible.

Take me there

TW Kempton Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur* (chocolate Christmas gifts)

The next boozy treat I’ve got for you is the TW Kempton Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur. This liqueur completely contrasts with the thicker, creamier option from Hotel Chocolat. It’s a thinner texture in the mouth and not at all creamy. The chocolate flavour is in the background, with the delicious orange flavour taking centre stage. If you’re looking for a lighter liqueur to gift this Christmas, then the limited-edition TW Kempton Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur is definitely it. For me, it absolutely thrives when paired with a light Fever Tree tonic. But, it’s just as delicious served over ice!

TW Kempton Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur.
RRP £9.99, available online and in-store at Tesco

FAIR Cacao Liqueur* (chocolate Christmas gifts)

Third up is FAIR Cacao Liqueur, a fantastic, versatile liqueur that not only tastes amazing but is also kind to the world. Why? Because FAIR is an ethical company that is on a mission to support local farmers in developing economies. Made with Fairtrade, certified cacao nibs from Peru, FAIR Cacao Liqueur is a full-flavour, balanced liqueur that showcases the beauty of great dark chocolate. On the nose, you don’t get much of a cacao or chocolate scent. But, don’t be fooled, that all changes once you give it a taste. It’s deliciously chocolatey with a slight creaminess to it. Not to the level of Hotel Chocolat’s Cream Liqueur, but it’s certainly a middle point between that and the TW Kempton Liqueur.

Fair Cacao Liqueur. Chocolate Christmas gifts by Female Original.
RRP £18.40, available online at Master of Malt

Willie’s Cacao Chocolate Drinks Collection*(chocolate Christmas gifts)

To finish, I’m circling back to Willie’s Cacao for an extra-special gift option. I’m so excited to be sharing Willie’s Cacao’s brand new Chocolate Drinks Collection – a chocolate cocktail and hot chocolate gift set! This set is a proper treat for anyone who loves a hot chocolate just as much as a cacao cocktail. Inside, you’ll find their:

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cacao Nib Brandy
  • Cacao Tea Infusion
  • 100% Chulucanas Cacao
  • Black Cow Christmas Spirit Vodka

…plus a recipe card full of delicious cocktail recipes to try for yourself! If the person that you’re gifting fancies themself as a bit of a mixologist, then this is honestly a must-by this Christmas. 

RRP £24.00, available online at Willie’s Cacao

So, that just about rounds up this year’s gift guides here on Female Original. If you haven’t had a chance to read my boozy gift guide, then you can go ahead and read that here. I’ve also put together a boozy and chocolatey advent calendar round-up, so make sure to check them out too. Before you head off, though, let me know which of these chocolatey treats would be top of your Christmas list this year! 

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  1. These looks like some great products for chocolate lovers to be gifted. The selection of chocolates look so delicious. Thank you for sharing these ideas!


  2. The chocolate orange liqueur sounds absolutely delicious!! I haven’t bought any Christmas chocolates yet (also forgot to get an advent – I’m failing this year) so I’ll have to check some of these out. It’s always impossible to resist Hotel Chocolat at this time of year x

    1. It’s such a great liqueur – so much lighter than I thought it would be! Agreed, Hotel Chocolat is completely irresistible at Christmas 🙂

  3. Oh my days this is a chocolate lovers heaven! I’ve heard really amazing things about Hotel Chocolat so I may be hinting for a box of their chocolates for Christmas. These gifts just look so delicious! Thank you so much for sharing with us Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson

  4. Huge chocolate fan, so I couldn’t miss this! We used to have Willie’s Chocolate where i used to work and they are so so good and i was pleasantly surprised by them! Thank you for sharing x

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