Chateau Peyrassol Rosé 2018 review | Wine Wednesday

Chateau Peyrassol Rosé 2018 review | Wine Wednesday - Female Original

Wine Wednesday takes us to France this week as I’m sharing my thoughts on the Chateau Peyrassol Cote de Provence Rosé. Come along to learn what’s behind this wine and whether it’s one to add to your list this Wine Wednesday.

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About Fine Wines Direct UK

Based in Cardiff, Wales, Fine Wines Direct UK is an independent, specialist importer of wine from all around the world. They sell to a mix of restaurants and wine merchants as well as to general consumers (like you and me) all over the UK. Fine Wines Direct UK pride themselves on their variety of wines that suit all price points. Whether you’re looking for a staple bottle to always have in stock in your fridge, or a special occasion wine to celebrate with, they have something to suit all budgets. And, in this case, that something was a bottle of Peyrassol Cuveé des Commandeurs Cotes de Provence (2018).

A bottle of Chateau Peyrassol Rosé.
A bottle of Chateau Peyrassol Rosé.

About Chateau Peyrassol

Dating way back to the 13th century, Commanderie de Peyrassol is a domaine (or territory) based in Provence, France. Although the domaine has eight centuries of history, it wasn’t until the 1970s that the owners decided to bottle and market the wine of the domaine for sale. For Wine Wednesday this week, I tried the Peyrassol Cuveé des Commandeurs Cotes de Provence (2018) from their ‘Chateau’ range. The range was created 20 years ago and is produced from a selection of plots from the oldest vines in their domaine. If you want to know a bit more about Commanderie de Peyrassol, their full history is on their website.

A bottle of Chateau Peyrassol Rosé.

Chateau Peyrassol Cotes de Provence 2018 review

My first impression of the Chateau Peyrassol Cuveé des Commandeurs Cotes de Provence was that it was incredibly dry – which is something that I absolutely love in a rosé. Despite its dryness, the rosé had a creamy full-bodied texture to it as well. On the nose, the Chateau Peyrassol Rosé was giving aromas of peach and apricot, which translated through to the flavour of the wine as well. It’s a unique full-bodied rosé that’s full of fruity flavours and a lasting dryness. One to add to your list, for certain.

Chateau Peyrassol Rosé 2018 review | Wine Wednesday - Female Original

Pair your Cotes de Provence with these tunes

Ready to try out the Chateau Peyrassol Cotes de Provence? Get the vibes right with my Wine Wednesday playlist and enjoy your Wednesday.

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40 thoughts on “Chateau Peyrassol Rosé 2018 review | Wine Wednesday

      1. I’m loving this series. And the company sounds amazing, it’s great that they cover all price points and have a large selection of exclusive bottles. I’m not sure if either of this week’s are quite my jam though. I’m not a white wine fan and typically prefer sweeter roses, but it’s good to try a variety x


        1. There’s such a huge variety on their site which is fab! So glad you’re enjoying following the series. I love a slightly sweeter rosé every now and then as well! I’m sure there’ll be a few sweeter rosés popping up in the series so hopefully there’ll be a couple that’re your thing. x

  1. I like the information you provide — I’m not really a wine drinker and know very little about wine regions, history and tasting, etc but I like the sound of the Chateau Peyrassol being a dry wine (when I have had wine, I’ve preferred that). Really interesting post!

  2. I’m definitely more of a rose lover compared to white and red, however I do like a white wine sometimes! I love the sound of the white wine to be fair with the tropical flavour, sounds really refreshing! These sound like a great company and wine can be such a lovely gift for someone. Thank you for sharing!

    Chloe xx

    1. I think rosé is probably my favourite wine as well, although I love all wine really! Rosé just seems to be perfect for any occasion – especially as an afternoon drink. Glad you enjoyed reading! x

  3. Oo, both of these wines sound lovely! I fell in love with white and rose’ wines in Australia having cheese boards with my aunt last year. I love that you share the story behind the wines and I feel you on some rose’ being sickly, so Commanderie de Peyrassol’s rose’ sounds beautiful, and the white a good thing to drink on a cool evening.

    On a side note, I love your blue nail polish. 🙂

    1. Oooh that sounds dreamy! Who doesn’t love a good cheese board? The Peyrassol rosé was perfect, especially if you’re a fan of a dry rosé like me! Haha thank you, I decided to put a bit of effort into my nails for the photos 🙂 x

  4. Oh my goodness, those wines sound incredible!! I’m not a lover of sweet wines and a lot of rosè wine generally is sickly sweet so that one sound right up my street.
    I’m loving wine Wednesday! Although in my house every day is a wine day 🙈 xx

    1. I’m with you there, there are so many sickly sweet rosé’s out there that just aren’t my thing. I love a bit of sweetness every now and then but a good dry rosé will forever be my no. 1. Haha glad you like the series! x

  5. These look like some great suggestions – I am loving how cold they both look too! Perfect temperature.

  6. Ooooh! You can never go wrong with wine hehe. I love that there are different types of wine. I love the whites and started getting into rose lately. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ✨

    1. Agreed! White and rosé are both so lovely especially at this time of year. I’d usually be getting ready to go on holiday to Spain around this time of year and one of my favourite ways to spend a summer holiday to Spain is by drinking rosé. Even though I can’t be there at the moment at least I can still drink rosé, haha! x

  7. When I did drink, I basically only drunk Rosé. I’m not sure whether that was from my young naivety about wine or what haha! But I used to love a Rosé – I could never get into white wine. Another great write up!

    1. I think rosé is probably the most drinkable of the different types of wine. It’s my favourite as well! You can get such a variety of rosé from super sweet to drier ones like the Peyrassol so I think that’s why it’s a lot of people’s favourite wine. Thanks so much! x

  8. These wines sound absolutely fabulous! I used to love rose wine but I’m now a firm white wine enthusiast and the Sauvignon Blanc from Allan Scott Family Winemakers sounds like it would be right up my street! We actually visited the Marlborough region when we were road tripping in New Zealand last year so it’ll always hold a very special place in my heart!

    1. Oh that’s so cool! The Allan Scott Sauvignon Blanc was really lovely, such a unique tropical flavour to it x

  9. I either need to move to the UK or find a similar wine service that delivers in Ireland! The Peyrassol sounds absolutely beautiful; it caught my eye before I read the review!!

    1. It was such a lovely rosé! I think it’s possibly one of my favourite rosés ever – so good 🙂 x

  10. I love a rosé but that white sounds amazing! I need to pay more attention to the wine I choose… I tend to go for whichever I slightly recognise the name of… Maybe not the best system! Thanks for sharing your thoughts x

    1. I’m a rosé lover as well (although I do love all wines haha) and I have to say the white was just as incredible as the rosé was! x

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