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Chateau Ksara, Reserve du Couvent 2017 - Wine Wednesday - Female Original

This Wine Wednesday I’m exploring the world of Lebanese wines – starting with an incredible red from the oldest winery in Lebanon…the Reserve du Couvent from Château Ksara. Read on to discover my thoughts on my first ever Lebanese wine. This post contains an item that was given to me as a press sample as well as affiliate links. For more information please feel free to read my disclaimer and privacy policy.

Château Ksara: A Bit About The Brand

Founded in 1857, Château Ksara is a winery based in Bekaa Valley, Ksara, Lebanon. As the oldest winery in Lebanon, Château Ksara is steeped in history and was actually founded and run by Jesuit monks for its first 120 years. In 1973, the winery was taken over by local businessmen (at which point Château Ksara was producing 150 million bottles of wine a year) and, throughout its 160-year history, has been awarded a number medals, certifications and recognitions for its incredible range of wines.

The winery is known for its three core values: Tradition, Nobility and Modernity, and they put their values to practice in everything that they do. From continuing to practice their centuries-old winemaking techniques, to also implementing the latest and most innovative processes. Through their traditional yet innovative winemaking processes they continue to lead the way when it comes to the winemaking scene of Lebanon.

Chateau Ksara, Reserve du Couvent 2017 - Wine Wednesday - Female Original
Reserve du Couvent (2017) by Château Ksara. Order online at VIVINO or VINVM.

Reserve du Couvent (2017) by Château Ksara

Let’s talk about the wine then shall we? I tried out their 2017 Reserve du Couvent which is a blend of Syrah (Shiraz), Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The specifics? 40% Syrah, 30% Cabernet Franc and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged in French oak barrels for six months, the Château Ksara Reserve du Couvent is a lovely dark red in colour and sits at 13.5% ABV. Château Ksara describes the wine as:


On the nose it brought aromas of vanilla, which will’ve come from the ageing process in French oak barrels, and dark fruits. Cherry and blackcurrant to be specific. But what about the taste?

Chateau Ksara, Reserve du Couvent 2017 - Wine Wednesday - Female Original

Shop the 2018 vintage

Tasting the Reserve du Couvent (2017): My Thoughts

The dark fruit that came through in the aroma definitely translated into the Reserve du Couvent’s taste. I was mostly getting flavours of blueberry, blackberry and cherry, with a smoothness which I’m assuming links back to the vanilla scent I was getting at first. It’s a medium-bodied wine and overall just felt so smooth and silky to drink. An easy-drinker for sure! Château Ksara recommends pairing their Reserve du Couvent with pork, lamb and venison but it’s most definitely a wine that can be enjoyed with anything!

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Where can you pick up a bottle of Château Ksara’s Reserve du Couvent?

The 2017 vintage that I tried out unfortunately isn’t available anymore, however you can still get your hands on the 2018 Reserve du Couvent. It’s available to buy online at selected wine retailers including VIVINO and VINVM. If you’re looking to dive into the world of Lebanese wines then where better to start than with Lebanon’s oldest winery?

Have you tried any of Château Ksara’s incredible wines? What do you think of the sound of their Reserve du Couvent? Let me know in the comments.

Female Original

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16 thoughts on “Château Ksara Reserve du Couvent review | Wine Wednesday

  1. I’m not really a wine drinker but this does sound delish! I may have to give this a try at some point. Thanks for sharing Xo

    Elle –

  2. Love the idea of wine Wednesday! We all need wine midweek right? I will keep an eye on this wine! Always on the look out of good reds as I mostly just like whites before. Thanks!

  3. Blackberry, cherry, and vanilla make this sound like one of my favorite of your Wine Wednesday reviews yet! I love that its drinking experience is smooth and silky, vibrant and layered. I can imagine drinking this with freshly-caught venison too, on a warm night with plenty of fireflies out and about.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oooh I love that – I can completely envision sitting outside on a warm night drinking this! x

  4. This sounds like a great wine – the fruit & vanilla combo in the tasting note just make it the perfect summer drink! Plus – I am a sucker for labels and this one is just simple yet beautiful! I loved reading about the winery’s history. Thankyou Faye x

    1. Haha I’m with you there – the label is so stunning! Glad you enjoyed learning about the winery’s history 🙂 x

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