Cádiz food guide | 5 must-visit tapas bars in Cádiz, Spain

Cádiz food guide | 5 must-visit tapas bars in Cádiz, Spain - Female Original

Vinos y Tapas, Calle Plocia, 11, 11006

Vinos y Tapas was one of the first restaurants that we spotted in the city simply because it was always full. It took until about halfway through the holiday before we actually managed to get into the restaurant. But let me tell you, the wait was worth it. The tuna belly with goat’s cheese was the stand-out dish for me. Combining my two food loves, cheese and fish, my mind was sufficiently blown by this savoury-sweet dish. The cheese was almost foam-like, making the dish lovely and light. A must-try for sure!

Vinos y Tapas, Cádiz.
Vinos y Tapas, Cádiz.

Next up was the grilled artichokes with ham. I have to say I don’t use artichokes in cooking anywhere near as much as I should. And I also never would’ve thought about pairing them with ham. But I guess that’s what is so great about travelling – finding food inspiration. Up last is the aubergine flaky pastry. And, similar to the artichokes, this was a pairing that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. My usual cooking style for aubergine is roasting them with onions and sultanas. But the flaky pasty was amazing with it.

Vinos y Tapas, Cádiz.
Vinos y Tapas, Cádiz.

Le Poeme, Calle Alcalá Galiano, 3, 11004

Now I realise I was in Spain but I just have to give a shout-out to this French patisserie. Le Poeme was one of my absolute favourite spots in Cádiz when it came to brunch. Whenever I’m on holiday, I have to admit I’m not a big breakfast person. Normally I’ll opt for a lie-in, a coffee and a snack. So when we stumbled across Le Poeme, next to the central market, it was absolutely perfect for a light bite. I went for the apple tart which was insanely good. And of course a café con leche. There’s just nothing better than sitting outside with great food and doing a bit of people-watching, is there?

Le Poeme, Cádiz.
Le Poeme, Cádiz.

La Cepa Gallega, Calle Plocia, 9, 11006

Before we headed on holiday, this was somewhere that we knew we wanted to visit when we were there. If you’ve checked out my post about Jerez then you’ll remember me mentioning my love of Rick Stein and his Long Weekends series. In preparation for the holiday, I watched the episode in Cádiz and noted down a few places I wanted to visit. The first was Jerez’s Bodegas Tradicíon and the second was La Cepa Gallega. The place itself was small and incredibly Spanish in its decor (exactly what you want!). And the idea was to choose one or two cured meats to try and a glass of red wine. The bar staff would then serve your chosen meats on a piece of greased paper and that would be it! I always love discovering places like this because it’s something that you’d never find back in the UK. It was the perfect way to end a night and was ideal for sharing as a little snack. Tip: If you do visit, order the chicharrones.

La Cepa Gallega, Cádiz.
La Cepa Gallega, Cádiz.

The Cabin Beer Bar, Calle Plocia, 29, 11006

If you’ve read my Malaga foodie’s guide then you might remember Central Beers. Well, I found Cádiz’s answer to it down the road from where we stayed; The Cabin Beer Bar. I feel as though finding a craft beer bar has become somewhat of a must-do whenever I travel abroad now. And with a new craft beer bar comes a new favourite flavoured beer. This time I tried Chérie, a Belgian cherry-flavoured wheat beer. I’d recommend it for any flavoured beer lovers like myself.

The Cabin Beer Bar, Cádiz.
The Cabin Beer Bar, Cádiz.

La Tapería de Columela, Calle Columela, 4, 11001

My final recommendation is actually the first place that we visited when we arrived in Cádiz. La Tapería de Columela which was recommended to us by our Airbnb hosts. So when we stumbled across it I knew we had to check it out. We ended up visiting the restaurant at about 7:00 pm (ish) and managed to get a seat at the bar straight away. But after about half an hour there were queues outside and down the road. Once we’d tried a few tapas it was obvious why – the food was amazing!

La Taperia de Columela, Cádiz.
La Taperia de Columela, Cádiz.

My favourites from the menu were the ensaladilla which was served with king prawns (the stuff of DREAMS), the homemade stew croquettas and the pork cheeks with red wine. Croquettas and ensaladilla were foods that I ate almost every day while I was away but La Tapería de Columela set the standard for them on day one. We wanted to return later in the week but it was always so busy that we never had the chance to. If you’re ever planning to visit my advice is definitely to get there early before the crowds show up!

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36 thoughts on “Cádiz food guide | 5 must-visit tapas bars in Cádiz, Spain

  1. This food all looks so amazing. I love reading food guides and seeing what other people are eating. I’ve never been to Cadiz but I’ll keep this place in mind if I ever go!

    1. It’s where a lot of the Spanish go for their holidays so there aren’t a lot of tourists there which is nice 🙂 x

  2. I’ve never been to Cadiz but I love Spanish food in general, so much of this looks amazing. The aubergine in pastry sounds interesting and I’m casually drooling over my keyboard looking at that apple tart x


    1. I absolutely love visiting Spain! It was great to see a new city within southern Spain – it was much quieter than Malaga and Seville but was lovely 🙂 x

  3. Loved this post, and now want to try all this food!! That apple tart looks especially good right now! Love reading food related posts from people’s travel adventures so thanks for sharing this 🙂 Hope you had a brilliant time when you were away too! x

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it! I love reading a good food-related post as well – and they’re some of my favourites to write too x

  4. This is such a coincidence, I’ve just started working for a company and have to write a lot about Spain so you can bet I’ll be checking out your other Spanish posts as well! But WOW, your photos are amazing, I should not be reading them before dinner, there’s no way I can compete with that divine looking tuna belly and goats cheese, YUM! X

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. Writing about Spain sounds like my dream job! Thank you so much – I think the food does 90% of the work for me when it comes to taking photos haha x

  5. Looks like you had a great foodie experience in Cadiz! I love travelling so much, not only because of exploring what a city or country has to offer but the food is another appeal. That tuna and goats cheese dish sounds like a combination I would never think of but I can imagine it would be really tasty. I love a good apple tart and that one looked incredible! Thanks for sharing and giving some of your recommendations!

  6. Vinos y Tapas looks like it was definitely worth the wait. This is making me want to go there so badly now! Also, I love your outfit here – is it a dress or playsuit? It’s really pretty.

  7. O my everything looks exquisite and super elegant! I’m a huge fan of fish, cheese and artichokes but the apple tart stoled my heart♥️ Your post has really inspired me to go on a foodie your in my neighborhood to local restaurants. These are some of my favorite type of posts to read, thank you for sharing!! I’m glad you had an amazing visit in Spain✌?

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com

    1. Amazing! So glad I could inspire you to go on a little foodie tour of your own 🙂 The apple tart was insanely good x

    1. There definitely are some great vegetarian options there! Not as many as in the larger southern cities e.g. Malaga and Seville but La Taperia de Columela had a few from what I remember! x

  8. This post made me so hungry and I’ve just had lunch hahaha! It’s been a while I’ve been to Spain, but definitely need to go back sometime!

    1. Haha food posts always have the same effect on me! It’s by far my favourite country to travel to – I just love the Spanish culture x

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