Bundobust: Life in Liverpool

Bundobust has been on my ‘to visit’ list when it comes to restaurants in Liverpool for a little while now. As a lover of Indian cuisine, I’d been meaning to try it out but had never managed to pop in. Last month I finally got a chance to try it so I thought why not share the experience on here as well.

Bundobust, First Floor, 17-19 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4DN

With locations in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, Bundobust is an Indian street food restaurant that focuses on completely vegetarian dishes. Bringing together great food and craft beer, Bundobust marks sustainability as a key part of what they do as a brand.  All of their beers are brewed on a small scale, their entire menu is vegetarian (and almost every dish can be made vegan) and they serve their food in pots made from completely compostable reclaimed sugarcane.

What I Ordered…

Scanning through the menu, there were so many dishes that caught my eye. But I ended up settling on three of them.


Crispy onion, kale, and broccoli bhajis spiked with fennel & chilli. Tamarind & red pepper chutney.

I hadn’t had bhajis in such a long time and my memory of them was that they’re often quite greasy. But when you find a good bhaji it’s REALLY good so I decided to see what Bundobust had to offer when it came to their take on them. I was definitely pleased when they arrived. There was nothing greasy about them at all!

Bhel Puri

Broken samosa pastry and puffed rice with peas, onion, pomegranate, and tomato in tamarind chutney.

Next up was their bhel puri which was a sweet-spicy dish made from crunchy samosa pastry and puffed rice. I’d never had anything like it before! It definitely had a ‘street food’ feel to it and was something that I could see myself eating as a snack or as a side dish. It actually reminded me a lot of a salad despite the fact that it didn’t have any leaves in it.

Okra Fries

Okra in crisp chickpea batter, dusted with black salt & mango powder.

To finish, we got the okra fries as a little extra sharing dish and I’m so glad that we did because they were incredible. They were just one of those dishes that was so moreish. But what I loved so much about the dish was that it didn’t leave me feeling super full like a classic portion of fries does. Similar to the bhajis I was worried that the fries might turn out a bit too greasy. I find that that’s usually the case with fried food. But once again I couldn’t fault them as they still had a bite to them on the outside. Even with the softer texture of the okra on the inside as well.

Mango Lassi

And to top off the three dishes I went with one of my all time favourite drinks, a mango lassi. My drink order of choice whenever I eat out at any sort of Indian restaurant will forever be a mango lassi. For anyone that isn’t familiar with it, its basically an Indian yoghurt drink made with mango. You can get lassi’s in a variety of different flavours but, as mango is one of my favourite fruits, I always go for that.

You’ll often find lassi’s on most Indian restaurant menus. I remember once in one of my local curry houses, they weren’t on the menu but I went ahead and asked if it was something that they would be able to do. The staff sounded so thrilled that someone wanted one (even though it wasn’t on the menu) and said that it was something that they would be happy to make for me. So it’s always worth asking even if they aren’t on the menu. And if you haven’t tried one before then seriously get on it ASAP!!

Overall I had such a great experience testing out a few of the dishes at Bundobust. I’ve already picked out a few other dishes that I want to try so I’ll definitely be heading back to try them out soon. Have you been to any of the Bundobust restaurants yet? What was your experience like?

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55 thoughts on “Bundobust: Life in Liverpool

  1. Wow, everything you picked looked so delicious! It’s good that it wasn’t too greasy, that is something that often puts me off too. I’ve never heard of a mango lassi before, but it sounds so nice (love mango!) I’ll remember to ask for this next time I visit an Indian restaurant. Thank you for sharing so much tasty food, I’m super hungry now! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  2. I recently went to the Bundobust in Leeds and absolutely loved it! I thought I’d be hungry afterwards with it being little dishes but I was surprisingly really full after. I’m also not a veggie/vegan so I was thinking ahh will I like it? but I can’t wait to go back ha! Glad you enjoyed your visit πŸ™‚ Hannah xx

    1. I never really know how many dishes to order when it comes to small plates but two dishes and a sharing one was perfect! Glad you enjoyed your trip to the Leeds one πŸ™‚ x

    1. The mango lassi was dreamy! It was great to try a couple of new dishes as I absolutely love Indian food x

  3. Lassi’s are truly delicious, and mango is among my favorite flavor of the drink, though my grandmother prefers it plain.
    Despite there being no Indian place in my town, I love Indian food and eat it whenever I go to see my grandmother; she knows all the best places, though I feel rather lacking for not having tried any of the three dishes you mention here!

    1. Lassi’s are the best! I’d never heard of bhel puri and hadn’t had okra fries before so it was a great experience getting to try them x

      1. This all looks absolutely delicious, especially that rice dish. It’s great that they focus on vegetarian food. I love that more places like this are cropping up. I’m glad you enjoyed it! x


  4. Wow! Your meal looks delicious. I must admit I haven’t really tried too much Indian food before, but this post inspires me to do so more often because it really does sound delicious!

    1. There’s some really amazing Indian cuisine out there so I would 100% recommend giving it a try when you get the chance to πŸ™‚ x

  5. Oooh! Bundobust looks like an exciting place to check out! You can’t go wrong with the portion size and I love how everything is sharable! The bhajis look delicious. Glad you had a great experience overall! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy β™₯

  6. I love Indian, I’m vegan and green so this place sounds like it’s made for me! The bajhis sound delicious, hopefully I find myself in liverpool someday!

    1. It definitely sounds like a place that you’d enjoy as a vegan! I love how vegan/veg focused Indian cuisine is so it was a wonderful experience trying out Bundobust πŸ™‚ x

  7. This all looks amazing.. I’m not a vegetarian, but I really want to come to Liverpool and try this restaurant.. the rice dish looks absolutely delicious!

    1. It’s definitely worth popping in next time you get to visit! Hopefully sooner rather than later πŸ™‚ x

  8. Mmm, I am hungry now! Those foods look delicious, I would love to try them out. Most of them I don’t even know, so I loved reading this post as you also often told what it was/what the ingredients were. Great post!

    1. The bhajis were the only dish that I was familiar with! It was great to get a chance to try out some new dishes πŸ™‚ x

  9. I love Indian food but it’s not something I have often so reading this post has made me crave it. The food looks delicious, glad you had a great time!

    Holly x

    1. Indian and Italian food are my 2 favourites – both to eat out and cook at home! Thanks for commenting x

  10. I’m vegetarian and so excited to visit this place! All being well my best friend and I are planning on visiting Liverpool on the run up to Christmas. This is now on my to visit list! xxxx

  11. I love indian food put always stick to my fave few that I’d get however I love the sound of the rice dish!!
    Sarah x

    1. I’m definitely someone who sticks to their favourites as well! It was great to try some new dishes though πŸ™‚ x

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