4 best non-alcoholic canned cocktails and mocktails

As the weather picks up, and we start to head towards festival, holiday and picnic season, it’s about time we start thinking about what our drink of the Summer is going to be. In this post, I’m shining the spotlight on the no, low and alcohol-free drinks options that are on the market right now. So, here are my top picks for non-alcoholic canned cocktails and mocktails for Spring/Summer 2023. 

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Mocktails non-alcoholic canned cocktails

Mocktails is an award-winning, premium ready-to-drink cocktail brand showcasing the best of what’s to offer in the world of alcohol-free canned cocktails. The organisation prides itself on its all-natural approach to alcohol-free cocktails, with each of its mixes being 100% natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. The result is a range of incredible mocktails that are flavoursome without being unnaturally sweet.

Mocktails is passionate about quality, and that commitment to excellence comes down to the ingredients used in their core range of non-alcoholic canned cocktails. For some of their mocktails, the team scoured the slopes of the Chianti region of Central Italy to find the best Sangiovese grapes. For others, they explored the Andean rainforests for sustainable Quassia shrubs. The quality and care that’s gone into the selection of their ingredients truly translates into the drinks they’ve created, too. Choose from five key mixes; Mockapolitan, Mockarita, Mockscow Mule, Sansgria, and the new Espress0% Martini, and find the perfect alcohol-free alternative to the most well-known cocktails.

Caleño non-alcoholic canned cockails

We’re no strangers to Caleño on Female Original and have followed along with the organisation’s journey in celebrating “the joy of not drinking” for the last few years. Caleño is most well-known for its alcohol-free takes on gin and dark rum, Light & Zesty and Dark & Spicy but, recently, they’ve ventured into non-alcoholic canned cocktails. The new canned cocktail range is made of two core blends: their Pineapple Piña Colada Spritz and their Passion Fruit Martini Spritz. If you’re looking for alcohol-free canned cocktails that’ll deliver on both flavour and fun, check out the new range of spritzes on the Caleño website.

Mavrik non-alcoholic canned cocktails

Mavrik is a non-alcoholic canned cocktail brand on a mission to create alcohol-free drinks that look good, taste great and offer an alternative for those who are looking to go sober or explore non-alcoholic options. Mavrik’s drinks are all completely natural and made with quality ingredients that deliver on taste.

No matter whether you’re looking for a mocktail that’s bitter-sweet, refreshing, spicy or fruity, Mavrik’s core range of canned mocktails has something for you. Choose from their core four: Aromatic G&T, Cuban Mojito, Venetian Spritz, and Storm & Spice, or opt for all four in their ‘Tasting Pack’ (RRP £9.75)

Punchy Drinks canned drinks

Punchy Drinks is a low-sugar, low-calorie soft drink brand championing great-tasting, all-natural alternatives to alcoholic canned drinks. Whilst not technically framed as mocktails, or alternatives to alcoholic drinks, Punchy Drinks offers a range of delicious drinks that would make for perfect alcohol-free aperitifs, so I thought they deserved a mention.

In the core range, Punchy Drinks has three options to choose from; Blood Orange with Bitters & Cardamom, Peach with Ginger & Chai, and Cucumber with Yuzu & Rosemary, all of which retail for £2.50 per can. Can’t decide what Punchy Drinks can you want to try? Head to their website and choose a song that matches your mood. Whatever you choose will match up with one of their drinks!

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