Arthur Metz Gewurztraminer (2019) wine review | Wine Wednesday

A bottle of Arthur Metz Gewurtztraminer 2019 white wine.

This weeks Wine Wednesday review sees us explore the world of Gewurztraminer, a grape variety known for its floral aromas and flavours. Whilst there’s plenty to discover in the Gewurz department, the bottle I’ve chosen to showcase this time is the Arthur Metz Gewurztraminer from 2019. Come along to see what this bottle is all about this Wednesday. 

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Arthur Metz Gewurztraminer

A great bottle of Gewurztraminer is possibly one of my favourite white wines to drink. It’s a truly unique style of wine that, in my opinion, everyone should try. Its floral flavours may split opinions but, for me, it’s a real showstopper. This particular Gewurz comes from French winery Arthur Metz, based in Alsace. It’s the second most-planted grape variety in the region, with Riesling taking the top spot. Whilst Riesling may be the more well-known style of the two, Gewurztraminer should definitely make it onto your list of wines to try – starting with the Arthur Metz Gewurztraminer.

A bottle of Arthur Metz Gewurtztraminer 2019 white wine.
A bottle of Arthur Metz Gewurtztraminer 2019 white wine.

Whilst pale lemon/straw in colour, the Arthur Metz Gewurztraminer is anything but light when it comes to its aromas. At first, you’re hit with the enticing florality that gewurz’s are so famous for. As expected, it’s a beautiful blossom scent that starts things off. Backing up the blossom is a sweet honeysuckle scent, which makes way for an almost buttery quality. Rounding off the aromas is a kick of citrus (lemon) and pear, which cuts through the rich sweetness of honey.

As for the palate, it’s the same floral, blossom flavours that come through first. The sweetness of the honeysuckle shines through as well. As a full-bodied wine, the honey flavours sing alongside the weight of the wine, but at no point does it feel too heavy in the mouth. The tangy citrus adds a hit of acidity, cutting through the rich flavours – making it feel well-balanced. There’s also a minerality that complements the initial sweetness, creating more balance. This give and take between sweet honeysuckle, crisp citrus and – at some points – stones, keeps this bottle from being too sweet. Overall it’s a well-balanced bottle that encompasses everything that a gewurz represents.

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