The best ever Kylie Minogue songs (Legends Slot)

32 Best Kylie Minogue Songs (The Legend Slot) - Female Original

How much do you know about pop-princess Kylie Minogue? I listened to ALL of Kylie Minogue’s studio albums in ONE month and picked out what I thought were her best tracks. This is the second post in my ongoing music blog series the Legends Slot. For each post in the series, I listen to ALL of the studio albums of a specific legendary musician/band. Then I put together a playlist of what I think are their best songs, along with some information about the artist. I also give an insight into my favourite tracks, as well as new discoveries that I found through my listening. NOTE: This post was written in February 2020 and therefore does not include any albums released after that date.

Kylie Minogue: A Brief History

So, a bit about the OG Kylie…Born in Melbourne in 1968, Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer and songwriter who’s known as the princess of pop. She actually started her career off as an actress before she moved on to her hugely successful singing career. You might have heard of a (not-so) little show called Neighbours which Kylie starred in back in the ’80s. Filmed in her home city of Melbourne, Kylie played Charlene Mitchell in her late teens before beginning her music career in the late ’80s. After her success during the 1980s as a musician, by the 1990s she had gained a number of top ten singles in the UK and Australia. In 2011, she was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

Kylie Minogue X album cover

β€˜X’ (2007) – Kylie Minogue

Sadly, while she was on her Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour in 2005, Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer. That year she was due to headline the Glastonbury Festival however, due to her cancer diagnosis, was unable to perform. After her treatment, she resumed her tour under the new title of Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour, which was a huge success. And in 2019 Kylie performed at the Glastonbury Festival in the Legends Slot (which this series is inspired by). Her 2019 set ended up reportedly breaking the record for the most attended Glastonbury set in history. If you want to learn a little bit more about Kylie Minogue you can check out her full Wiki page here.

32 Best Kylie Minogue Songs (Legends Slot): The Playlist

After spending a month listening to 30 Elton John albums, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Kylie only had 14 of them. And one of them was a Christmas album (which I definitely wasn’t going to listen to in the middle of February). So, 13 albums later the second playlist is ready to go!

A Few of My Favourites…

There were plenty of tracks that I was already excited to listen to again going into this playlist. Childhood favourites like Spinning Around from Light Years (2000), Better The Devil You Know from Rhythm of Love (1990) and Love At First Sight from Fever (2001) were among some of those that I was most excited to hear. But a few standout old-but-new-to-me tracks (told you I’d be using this phrase a lot) were Kids from Light Years (2000) and In Your Eyes from Fever (2001). I remember singing along to both of them on SingStar PopWorld for the PlayStation 2 when I was around 8. And now whenever I listen to them I always think back to that game.

Kylie Minogue Light Years Album Cover

Light Years‘ (2000) – Kylie Minogue

A song that I completely forgot existed and was so excited to rediscover was Red Blooded Woman from her album Body Language (2003). It’s one of those tracks that I remember loving when it first came out but I haven’t thought about it once since about probably around 2004. Now that it’s back on my radar I will definitely be adding it to my workout playlist!

New Discoveries

As for new discoveries, most of them were from her first few albums. I knew the classics like The Loco-Motion and I Should Be So Lucky, both from Kylie (1988) but there were plenty that I’d never come across before. One of my new favourites was Look My Way from her first album, Kylie (1988). It just sounded like the most typical ’80s song in the most fabulous way. Tears On My Pillow from Enjoy Yourself (1989) was another new discovery that made its way onto the playlist, as well as Surrender and Nothing Can Stop Us which were both from Kylie Minogue (1994).

Not quite finished hearing all about the ultimate pop princess that is Kylie Minogue? I’d 100% recommend checking out some clips from her Glastonbury set last Summer. There are plenty of clips on YouTube so go and have a browse! Have you listened to much of Kylie’s music before? Which tracks are your favourites of hers? Let me know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to comment below which legendary musicians/bands you want me to feature next in this series.

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37 thoughts on “The best ever Kylie Minogue songs (Legends Slot)

  1. This is basically my childhood wrapped up in a post. My mum is a big Kylie fan so this was essentially the soundtrack for quite a few years of my life. I have to admit though I don’t know that many tracks from her earlier albums so I need to give those a listen. I need a Fleetwood Mac month for this series!! x


    1. Oh I love that – she was such a pop icon for me when I was a child as well! Oooh a Fleetwood Mac month could be a lot of fun πŸ™‚ x

  2. Oooh! I love that you have a whole playlist with the different songs throughout time. Oh wow, Kyle Minogue goes way back!! You can never go wrong with these throwback hits. Thanks for the introduction!

    Nancy β™₯

  3. I’ve actually not really listened to alot of Kylie music although she was quite big when I was younger! This was really interesting for read x

    1. I’ve only ever really known her hits so it was a lot of fun discovering so many new tracks throughout the month! Glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚ x

  4. Yassss, QUEEN Kylie! I was waiting to see who you were gonna pick for your next post in this series! Definitely didn’t disappoint. I desperately wanna listen to some Kylie now! xxx

    1. Haha, happy I didn’t disappoint with Kylie! I’ve had The Loco-Motion stuck in my head for days now after making this lol x

  5. Swear down I live under a rock, maybe it’s because I’m a bit young, but I have never heard of Kylie Minogue???? I think I’m just blind to legends apparently :’) This was definitely super interesting though, and I feel much more educated πŸ˜‰

  6. I remember listening to Kylie in the 80’s as a small child and then enjoying her comeback in more recent years. I love how music holds so many memories. The years come flooding back. xxx

    1. Me too! It was a lot of fun to discover her 80s and 90s tracks that I’d never heard before – and revisit some old favourites too x

  7. This was such a fascinating read – Kylie Minogue was big in the US in the early 2000s so this felt like a trip down memory lane. I think its cool how you really dug into Kylie’s catalog!

  8. Kylie had some absolute bangers back in the day didn’t she!? I have to admit she’s not someone I regularly listen to but some of her songs are SO catchy, and your playlist reminded me of a few I haven’t heard in years! I love the concept of this blog series and I’m so excited to see who your next legend is going to be!

    1. She really did! I don’t listen to her that frequently either, but I think that’s what makes this series so fun for me πŸ™‚ X

    1. Oh I love that track! I actually saw Nick Cave live a couple of years back and he brought Kylie out to sing it with him, it was fab!! X

    1. I used to be such a huge fan of hers when I was a kid but I hadn’t listened to her for years! It was a lot of fun listening to old favourites and discovering new ones πŸ™‚ x

    1. She has so many great tunes for dancing along to! It was a lot of fun listening to all my old favourites x

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