Autumn Playlist: 30 Songs To Add To Your Autumn Playlist

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Crisp mornings, crunchy leaves and plenty of cosy layers…Autumn is here! With a new season comes a new seasonal playlist and, dare I say it, this is the best one yet. If you’re looking for some tunes to listen to whilst sheltering from the cold, wet weather, you’ll definitely find them here. Here are 30 songs that you need to add to your Autumn playlist this year.

30 Songs To Add To Your Autumn Playlist

What does Autumn music sound like to you? For me, Autumn feels like the perfect opportunity to bring out all of your favourite jazz and soul tunes. But, at the same time, a bit of rock and electronic music can’t go amiss too. For my Autumn playlist, I’ve chosen a mix of soul, rock, pop, electronic and even a tiny bit of disco music too. So, hopefully, there’s something in here for everyone. You know the drill by now, like my Spring and Summer playlists, I’ve split my Autumn playlist into parts. These are based on the overall feel of the tunes. I’ve also designed the playlist to flow from tracks one to 30 so you just be able to just press play on track one, sit back and enjoy the songs!

Autumn Playlist Track Listing: Part One

1. Supercut – Lorde

2. Focus – H.E.R.

3. Versace on the Floor – Bruno Mars

4. Be My Own Boyfriend – Olivia Dean

5. Red Clay – Charlotte Dos Santos

6. Slow Dance – John Legend

7. Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) – Alicia Keys

8. Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied – The 1975

Part One Favourites

To start the playlist off, I wanted a track that had an instant impact, which is why I’ve gone for Lorde’s Supercut. It’s the outro of this track that I think makes it work so well as the opening track of the playlist – it really helps to set the tone. Following Supercut, I’ve slowed things down with Focus by H.E.R. This song has such an ‘Autumn nights’ feel to it. It’s smooth, sultry and has a great beat to it. The rest of this section sticks with the smooth, soul tunes before finishing with Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied by The 1975. This seemed like the perfect track to bridge together the soul tunes of part one and, what’s about to come, in part two.

Autumn Playlist Track Listing: Part Two

9. No Cars Go – Arcade Fire

10. Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac

11. Disorder – Joy Division

12. Lovesong – The Cure

13. People, Let’s Dance – Public Service Broadcasting

14. Step Into My Life – Jessie Ware

Part Two Favourites

For section two of my Autumn playlist, I wanted to kick things up a notch and bring a few upbeat tracks into the mix. No Cars Go by Arcade Fire felt like the ideal track to open up this new section of the playlist. I knew I wanted to get a few classic ’70s and ’80s tunes into this playlist, but it’s always a challenge to blend them in with modern tunes. No Cars Go just seemed to bridge the gap between the two and set Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac up perfectly.

When it comes to choosing a favourite from this section, I think it’d have to be People, Let’s Dance by Public Service Broadcasting. I absolutely love this track. I’ve really been enjoying listening to it whilst driving but, to be honest, I think it’d make a brilliant song for a Christmas party playlist. Who knows, maybe it’ll end up featuring on my Christmas playlist this year!

Autumn Playlist Track Listing: Part Three

15. Love Is Back – Celeste

16. Mrs. – Leon Bridges

17. Take Me To The Alley– Gregory Porter

18. Autumn – Paolo Nutini

19. Short and Sweet – Brittany Howard

20. Dark Red – Steve Lacy

21. Stay Flo – Solange

Part Three Favourites

No Autumn playlist would be complete without Paolo Nutini’s Autumn, now, would it? I’ve parked it in between the soulful Take Me To The Alley by Gregory Porter and Brittany Howard’s Short and Sweet. Solange’s Stay Flo would have to take the top spot for part three favourites though.

Autumn Playlist Track Listing: Part Four

22. my future – Billie Eilish

23. In A Good Way – Faye Webster

24. Don’t Know Why – Nora Jones

25. Heartbeats – José González

26. When You’re Smiling and Astride Me – Father John Misty

27. Over My Head – Alabama Shakes

28. Lilac Wine – Nina Simone

29. Across The Universe – The Beatles

30. Bookends Theme – Simon & Garfunkel

Part Four Favourites

Now into the final quarter of the playlist, we’re starting things off with a bit of Billie Eilish. To be completely honest, I would’ve preferred to add Miley Cyrus’ version of my future from the Radio 1 Live Lounge in its place. BUT, it isn’t available as a track, so I’ve stuck with Billie’s original (which is obviously still incredible). To follow, I’ve chosen In A Good Way by Faye Webster, Don’t Know Why by Nora Jones and Heartbeats by José González. I wanted to tone things down a bit as we head towards the end of the playlist, and I think these three tracks do just that.

My favourites from the final section would have to be Across The Universe by The Beatles and Bookends Theme by Simon & Garfunkel. Bookends Theme felt like the perfect final track for this playlist. For me, it seems more winter-esque, so I thought it would make a brilliant transition into next season’s playlist. What do you think?

Which tracks are your favourites from this playlist? Are there any new songs or artists on here that you’ve discovered? I want to know! Also, make sure to let me know what songs are on your Autumn playlist.

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28 thoughts on “Autumn Playlist: 30 Songs To Add To Your Autumn Playlist

  1. So many great songs on your playlist. I love that you have playlists for the seasons…sometimes certain songs only fit one time of year, don’t they? (excluding Christmas songs haha)
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  2. I love the mix here, the way you’ve managed to blend genres and time periods but still make it cohesive is amazing. I would have loved Miley’s version of my future too, she sang that like it was written for her, such a great cover x

    1. Thanks so much Sophie! It was such a brilliant cover, wasn’t it? I just wish it was on Spotify! 🙂

  3. though i’ve stuck to my typical practise of making my monthly playlist, i’ve expanded on a vintage autumn playlist i created last fall and have added some more cosy bits! i’m even inspired to create another, with a more folksy/acoustic feel. i agree that this is the perrrrfect time to whip out some more jazz! x

  4. A 30 song long playlist for autumn? Sounds perfect to me and the variety here makes this something I could well listen to on repeat! my future, Red Clay, Lilac Wine, Slow Dance, and Little Lies are all songs I love, while I am discovering new songs every other track as I go along.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Jaya! Glad that you enjoyed the variety of different tracks on this playlist. I hope you enjoy discovering new tunes 🙂

  5. How rubbish am I, I can’t recall listening to any of these songs! Probably because I listen to the same playlist over and over again haha. So thank you for the recommendations I’ll have to listen to some of these!

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