30 Motown Tracks That You Need To Listen To Now

Last time I talked you through 30 amazing, must-listen alternative music tracks but this month we’re going a bit more old skool with 30 motown songs. This is the fifth post in my twelve-part series ’30 . . . Tracks That You Need To Listen To’. In each post I take you through a specific genre of music varying from jazz to soul to new wave. This time I’ve picked out 30 motown tracks that you seriously need to listen to.

A Very Brief History Of Motown Music

This playlist has been one that I’ve been so excited to share on here since I first started this series off. I’m a huge Motown fan, it’s a genre that I first got into in my very late teens and have loved ever since my first listen. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the genre, Motown can be defined as pop, r&b and soul music from the 1960s. It’s a style of rhythm and blues music that actually was named after the Motown record company based in Detroit, USA. When I think of it, I hear it as a crossover between disco-pop, R&B and funk music (you can listen to my funk playlist here).

If you want to do some of your own reading about Motown music as a genre then you can check out the full wiki page here.

30 Motown Tracks That You Need To Listen To Now

My Favourite’s from the Playlist…

One of my favourite things when it comes to music is listening to a song and realising that it was sampled from an older track. Normally that happens in reverse for me though. I remember listening to The XX’s On Hold (a favourite of mine) and loving the chorus of it so much. A few weeks later I was listening to a bit of Hall & Oates and suddenly realised that The XX sampled their track I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do). I promise I’m going somewhere with this!

Anyway, one of my favourites from this playlist was actually introduced to me by my mum about 2 months ago. I finally got her on Spotify and she was playing me her new playlist. She put on a track called Clean Up Woman (which of course I had to feature!) and instantly I recognised the intro. It was from Chance The Rapper’s Favourite Song! Needless to say I loved the track and was so fascinated hearing the original. An absolute classic on this playlist has to be Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin. If you’ve ever seen School of Rock (possibly my favourite film EVER) you’ll know it as the BOP that Tomika belts. A final favourite is What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. It’s such a great track in general but when there’s a bit of sun out it’ll give you major summer vibes. Plus it has an amazing message behind it!

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So, what’re your thoughts on Motown? Are you a fan or not so much? Maybe you just discovered the genre from this playlist! Let me know in the comments. And, of course, comment your favourites from this playlist!

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*Photography by Yanko Peyankov via Unsplash

12 thoughts on “30 Motown Tracks That You Need To Listen To Now

  1. I absolutely love Motown! This is a great playlist! The Tracks of My Tears is one of my all time favourite songs! I really love Marvin Gaye. I’ve been listening to a lot of Sam Cooke and Otis Reading recently – music like this is so relaxing! xxx

    1. Thank you! Sam Cooke and Otis Redding are fab, I featured them both in my January Jazz playlist which you might like 🙂 x

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