August Ambience: Music Monthly

Out of all of my playlists this year, I feel as though this one could be the one to divide opinion most. Ambient music isn’t something that is for everyone but all I’m asking is that you give it a go. Maybe you’ll finish listening to the playlist with a newfound love for chilled music…maybe not. Since I’m using this playlist to introduce ambience into your music catalogue, I haven’t gone too deep into ambient music. I’d say I’ve opted for more of a chilled vibes playlist than full ambient music. I didn’t want to go too niche on you! Anyway let’s get to it.

What is Ambient Music?

When I think of ambient music I think of relaxed tracks that are perfect for any time of day. I’ll often listen to ambient music when I’m working on a blog post. In fact, as I’m writing this playlist I’m actually listening to it as well. Often ambient music is entirely instrumental with iconic ambient artists such as Aphex Twin being one of the most well-known within the genre. I’ve gone with a mix of classic instrumental tracks and more recent pieces with lyrics too. I thought it’d be a great way to show the variation of the genre.

August Ambience

My Favourite’s From The Playlist…

I have to admit that this playlist took a fair bit of research. Most of the tracks are actually completely new to me! Of course I have a few favourites; both new and old. My first favourite is Aphex Twin’s #3. I studied Aphex Twin throughout my degree and they ended up inspiring a lot of my artwork. My all-time favourite song of theirs is probably Avril 14th but for this playlist I’ve gone with #3.

My next favourite is Laura Misch’s Lagoon. If you’ve heard of Tom Misch before then you have probably guessed that Laura is his sister. Lagoon just has such a chilled vibe but bridges the gap between classic ambience and more current chilled vibes. For a full chilled vibe, though, I’d have to go for MALIA’S Simple Things. If there’s one song that you’re likely to love on this playlist it’s definitely Simple Things.

Have you listened to ambient music before? Let me know if you have any artist suggestions for me. I’d love to read your thoughts and get some feedback!

Female Original

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*Photography by Seabass Creatives via Unsplash.

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