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I know this is my third Liverpool-based blog post in a row so apologies to anyone who isn’t based in/planning to visit Liverpool. BUT, I thought that you’d let me off because today is my BIRTHDAY! And I’m currently on my way to Spain to celebrate my 22nd. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve just had so much going on in Liverpool so my content has focused in on that for now. But I promise that there will be plenty on non-Liverpool content coming next on the blog! For now, though, I’m talking all about last weeks trip to Jimmy’s Liverpool for their launch party [invited].

Having heard about the Manchester venue of Jimmy’s a while ago, I was pretty excited to attend Liverpool’s launch event. If there’s one thing you know from reading my blog it’s that I absolutely love my music. And, something that Jimmy’s is well-known for is the live music aspect of their brand. As someone who worked with sound installation and music throughout my degree, I’m definitely passionate about listening to and making music. So, the fact that there would be a new live music venue popping up in my home city definitely had me buzzing.

Main Bar Area

As soon as you walk into the venue your eyes are instantly drawn to the neon light wall on the left of the bar.  A statement light wall isn’t something that I’ve seen a lot of (if ever!) before so it was definitely a unique feature. In the middle of the room is the main bar which serves an array of Jimmy’s own beer and cider. Not a beer or cider drinker? Don’t worry as there are plenty of spirits to choose from as well. I ended up trying a cider and then moving onto a G&T.

The colourful light theme continued on throughout the entire venue. Backing the wall behind the bar with lava lamps, the lights flowed all the way through to the right of the bar where a PLEASE BE NAKED sign could be seen.

Who doesn’t love a good neon sign, ey?

A favourite feature of mine had to be the central disco ball. The entire venue has floor to ceiling windows on the outside of it which meant that the light from the disco ball was reflected onto the street outside. I just thought that was such a cool design feature!


In the basement of the venue is a full stage set up for live music performance. Thursday’s official public opening evening saw a performance from The Coral.  Although the launch party didn’t have a performance in the downstairs area, there was still live music…in the form of a trumpeter! It definitely caught me off guard when suddenly I spotted someone stood on the bar with a trumpet in hand ready to get the party started. It was such a memorable moment from the evening!

At the back of the downstairs area was another bar with a mix of Jimmy’s cider and beer and a Bootleg IPA.  At £4.50 a pint, I thought their own brand of beer and cider was incredibly reasonably priced. Especially given the central location of the venue and the fact that there’s so much live music inside!

I had such a great time at the launch event that I actually ended up visiting later on in the week with my mum! It gave me a chance to try the honeycomb IPA which I eyed up during the launch party but never got to try. I have to admit it was worth the wait though – I absolutely loved it.

After my visit to Albert’s Schenke last week and a taste of Jimmy’s honeycomb IPA I think I might have converted to being a beer lover… Prosecco will forever have my heart though!

Have you had a chance to visit Jimmy’s Liverpool yet? Maybe you’ve visited the Manchester venue before. Let me know in the comments! Is there anything specific you’d like to read about with regards to my holiday? I’ll definitely be sharing a foodie’s guide to… post but I’d love to read your thoughts too!

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