Your Guide to Christmas Cocktails

It’s Friday and the work week is over (hooray!). With Christmas just around the corner, I’m sure that tonight will be the start of the Christmas celebrations for so many of you. If there’s something to get you feeling in the festive mood it’s definitely your favourite drink. Whether you’re out celebrating the holidays or having a Friday night in, I’ve got some cocktail inspiration for you to get in the mood.

1919 Cocktail

Right back at the beginning of the year you might remember me talking all about the 1919 cocktail. This is one of my absolute favourite cocktails for this time of year. As much as I love an Aperol Spritz, to me, it’s a bit too summery to drink throughout Christmas. However if, like me, you’re a fan of an Aperol Spritz then the 1919 might be the Winter alternative that you’re looking for. I’ve linked the full post below so if you’re wanting to learn a bit more about the recipe then head on over. Let me know if you decide to give it a try for yourself!

1919 Cocktail

Flyte Clean Energy Drink

Recently I discovered the clean energy and low-calorie drink; FLYTE. Available in two different flavours (Red Berries and Green Mango) FLYTE is a British brand focusing on bringing healthier, positive energy drinks with naturally sourced ingredients to the forefront of its niche. Not only can you drink FLYTE by itself as an alternative energy drink but you can also mix it with your favourite spirits to create a new cocktail. Which brings me to my next set of recipes!


Gin-gle and Tonic


50ml London Dry Gin (or your favourite brand!)

3 lemon segments, squeezed

100ml light tonic (my go-to is, of course, Fever Tree)

100ml FLYTE Red Berries


Fill your glass to the top with ice cubes.

Squeeze 3 lemon segments into your glass.

Pour out 50ml of gin.

Add 100ml of light tonic to the gin.

Top the drink with 100ml FLYTE Red Berries.

Garnish with a slice of lemon.


The Grinch


50ml London Dry Gin (or, again, your favourite gin).

3 lime segments, squeezed.

100ml light tonic.

100ml FLYTE Green Mango.



Fill your glass to the top with ice cubes.

Squeeze 3 lime segments into your glass.

Pour 50ml of gin into your glass.

Add 100ml of tonic to the gin.

Top your drink with 100ml FLYTE Green Mango.

Garnish with a sprig of mint.


Mulled Wine

Well, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a homemade mulled wine now would it? I have to admit, I only tried mulled wine for the first time about 2 years ago, but I absolutely loved it once I finally got around to giving it a go! I’d recommend the BBC Good Food recipe as this is what I’ve used in the past. After doing my research of a few different recipes I thought this one was the most simple to make. There are only a few ingredients in it so it won’t be too difficult to get your hands on the essentials and give it a try.

What are some of your favourite cocktails to drink at this time of year? Are you more of a wine and prosecco drinker or a bit of a mixologist?

Female Original

*Some of the products featured in this post were kindly gifted to me. All opinions on them are my own.


  1. Macey
    December 22, 2018

    I’m not of age to drink here in the States, but all of these sound amazing ahhh xx

    1. femaleoriginal
      December 22, 2018

      Oh that’s a shame that you can’t try them! They’re all pretty good haha x

  2. Nancy
    December 22, 2018

    I am loving the sound of this Christmas cocktail guide. Ooh, I haven’t heard of Flyte before. I need to check it out and try a mix. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

    Nancy ♥

    1. femaleoriginal
      December 22, 2018

      Glad you enjoyed it! I’m planning on making Long Island Iced Tea over the holidays as well. You too! x


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