Dressing Up For Christmas

Completely unintentionally I’ve managed to create a bit of pun with this blog post title (and I’m completely okay with that).  As I wrote the title of this post I instantly thought of my favourite Christmas song, Chris Rea’s Driving Home For Christmas. Obviously the song is subconsciously on my mind at all times. Anyway, lets get on with why you’re actually here. I’ve posted about outfits that I love wearing in the festive season last year and I wanted to continue on with this through to this year as well. Last years focus was on the actual outfits themselves whereas this year I’m talking all things accessories.

I can’t get enough of accessories, I think I’ve become more interested in jewellery than I have in actual clothing recently (bold statement Faye!).  Accessories are such a huge part of bringing an outfit together. The addition of an accessory can make an outfit. Vice versa, without the right accessory, our outfits can often feel incomplete. If, like me, you’re an accessory lover then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to share with you a few of my favourite accessories for spicing up your festive outfits.

Boho Betty

Beginning in 2012, Boho Betty is a jewellery site dedicated to producing high quality, stylish designs at a reasonable price. Inspired by their love and appreciation of culture and materials, each of their collections are designed in the UK. An important part of their thinking when it comes to design is the ability for their pieces to be stacked against each other. With so many different styles to experiment with, every customer can create their own original mix of accessories for any occasion.

Solar Navy Fan Tassel Recycled Earrings

Bold, statement earrings are where it’s at. I’m telling you now, everyone needs a statement pair of earrings in their accessory repertoire. My latest addition to my ever-growing collection of giant earrings are the gorgeous Solar Navy Fan Tassel Recycled Earrings. Lets just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these bad boys.

Navy is one of my all-time favourite colours to work with. I’ll usually opt to feature a bit of navy in my everyday outfits but never before have I had navy jewellery. I’ve always found it difficult to come across jewellery in that colour. More often than not I’ll find myself buying silver or black jewellery. There is just simply a lot more accessories in these colours! When I came across these earrings I knew I had to have them. How often do you come across navy earrings in a fan shape?!

Pegana Black Velvet Bracelet

Is there anything more seasonal than a bit of velvet? Christmas is always an excuse for me to bring out my favourite velvet pieces. Again, I’ve only ever had clothing in this material so finding  a bracelet in this luxurious material had me sold. The Pegana Black Velvet Bracelet is a simple bracelet with statement features in the centre of it. I love the fact that as a whole, the bracelet is sleek and simplistic. However, it also has a little bit extra going for it with the centre gem and tassel.


Velgarth 2 Tone Leaf Chain Bracelet

The final piece from Boho Betty is the Velgarth 2 Tone Leaf Chain Bracelet. What I love about this piece is that you can stack it up with a few other bracelets or wear it solo. It’s got just enough bling on it to work as a standalone piece if you’re going for a subtle look. But, stack it up with the Pegana Black Velvet Bracelet and you’ve got a whole new look! It’s such a great all-day piece and one that I can definitely see myself wearing with my leather dress in the evening too.

Browns Family Jewellers

Having run for over 20 years, Browns Family Jewellers has become one of the largest high-stress jewellers in Yorkshire. They pride themselves on their traditional values and trust and honesty within their business. What is so great about Browns Family Jewellers is the variety of jewellery that they offer at a huge range of prices. So whether you’re looking for a more extravagant gift or a little something simple there’s something for everyone. Not only that, but they also have a range of pre-loved vintage jewellery across their site and, as you know, I’m a huge lover of all things vintage.

If you read my How To Enhance Your Outfits With Accessories post then you’ll know that I’ve been loving geometric jewellery recently. I’ve been wearing my Leo With Love Big Dilly hexagon earrings non-stop since I got them. So, when Browns Family Jewellers got in touch about their Cluse Essentielle R Gold Hexagon Bangle  I was instantly intrigued. Honestly this bangle is the long lost sister to my Big Dilly earrings.

I love rose gold accessories but I have to admit I strangely don’t own much jewellery in the shade. Rose gold is just one of the materials that this Hexagon Bangle comes in, with gold and silver being the other designs available. At just over £30 this would make for such a lovely gift for someone or as a treat to yourself. The thin bangle keeps the piece looking delicate but it still has a bit of edge to it with the hexagonal centre piece. I can’t wait to get even more use out of it and maybe even layer it up with other bracelets too!

As always, thank you so much for reading. Are you a jewellery lover like me? Let me know in the comments. What are some of your go-to pieces of jewellery?

Female Original

*The products featured in this post were kindly gifted to me from Boho Betty and Browns Family Jewellers. All opinions are my own.


  1. Macey
    December 20, 2018

    The leaf bracelet is gorgeous!! I love it. Just followed you on instagram girl 😉 x

    1. femaleoriginal
      December 20, 2018

      I can’t wait to get some more use out of it soon! Aw thank you, I’ve followed you back haha x

  2. Sara
    December 20, 2018

    Love the earrings they make such a nice statement piece. Love this post!

    1. femaleoriginal
      December 20, 2018

      Thank you so much! I can’t wait to style them x


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