Mid-Year Review

You might remember at the beginning of this year when I posted about What I’m NOT Changing in 2018 . When I wrote that, I really wanted to start the year on a positive note. Instead of focusing on the things I wanted to change, I decided to look at the things I felt were successful in my life. Since we’ve now hit the mid-point of the year, I feel like a reflection is needed! At the beginning of 2018 I said to myself that I wouldn’t change any of these things about myself. 6 months on…can I say that that’s true? Here’s my 2018 mid-year review.


I’m happy to say that as of the last 6 months there’s been no drop in my self-confidence. Of course I have my moments where I feel not-so-confident as does everyone – even the most confident of people feel insecure sometimes! Although I wouldn’t consider myself an incredibly loud and out-there person, I am someone who feels comfortable in their own skin and this has only continued throughout 2018.

Unique Sense of Style

Annoying as it may be for me to admit this, I do feel as though my style hasn’t been as strong this year. However, that’s not to say that I don’t feel like I’m loving my fashion sense anymore! Being a university student means that I don’t have the budget to constantly be updating my wardrobe with new pieces at all. Throughout my second year of university I feel as though I’ve slipped into the habit of wearing the same, although still put-together, outfits over and over because of my limited budget. It’s more of a case of finding my outfits boring because I’ve worn them over and over and less so that I think they aren’t stylish looks. I still love what I’m wearing, however I just wish I could keep changing up my style!


This is something that has changed only slightly over the last 6 months, although in my opinion, for the better! I’ve recently been trying hard to eat well but still enjoy what I’m eating and treat myself now and then. It’s all about balance and cooking food that makes you feel good. Rather than treating myself slightly too frequently as I did nearer the beginning of the year, I now do it less frequently but enjoy those moments more. By indulging less frequently it becomes more of a reward when I do treat myself to an extravagant meal.


I can confirm that I still find myself absolutely hilarious. If you aren’t your own biggest fan then you’re doing it wrong! I think that’s all that needs to be said really.


Well you might have noticed that there has been one big change with my blog that I mentioned I wanted to happen in January. I went SELF-HOSTED. Although this was obviously a change, it was one that I planned to do this year and I’m so happy I went for it. Other than that my blog has continued to be a representation of myself. I’ve always said that when it came to my blog I would only write about things that I genuinely love and I’m so glad to be able to say that that’s still the case now.

Female Original


  1. Alys
    July 9, 2018

    I love this positive spin on goal setting! Wonderful review post, it’s great to hear you have a lot of self-confidence and it’s wonderful you’ve gone self-hosted! My dream one day haha xx

    1. femaleoriginal
      July 9, 2018

      Thank you! It’s always good to try and think of the positives 🙂 xx


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