University Moving: 5 Tips For Removing Stress During Moving

Hello everyone! I’m back with the third and final post in my university moving series and for this one I’ve teamed up with Clockwork Removals who have kindly put together a guest post for Female Original on their tips for removing stress during the moving process!

If you’re a student leaving home for the first time, you might be feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety. For those students moving around for the umpteenth time, it becomes more of a chore. In reality, no one likes the general act of moving. There is a lot to juggle and factor into your plans. Even with the help of parents of friends you can find yourself struggling and stressing out – exactly the opposite of what you want right now. That’s why at Clockwork Removals, we’ve got 5 tips to help make your move less stressful.

1 – Gather all the details you need

It can often feel like you’re hit with a whirlwind of information when moving, so make sure you have all the details you need before you move. This includes things like:
● Your building name
● Dorm number
● Key collection point
● Any orientation session times
When you have all of this information on one sheet of paper, you’ll save yourself a lot of time digging through emails and running back and forth between locations.

2 – Label your boxes

A dull and uninteresting tip, but for the love of all things holy: label your boxes when packing. You won’t believe how many things can get lost and misplaced because you haven’t realised which box the television remote is in, or which box has your study notes. Do yourself a favour and grab a marker pen and plan which boxes will contain which sets of possessions. Not only will you save yourself the stress of losing track of things, but you’ll also find unpacking more of a breeze, giving you peace of mind and allowing you time to go out and do the things you really want to – no one wants to be the one left behind in a mountain of mixed up possessions.

3 – Hire a removals company

Not everyone has the benefit of having friends and family help out with a move, especially if time is tight. By hiring a professional removals company you can remove the majority of the hassle. All the transportation and heavy lifting is taken care of, giving you your free time back.
Clockwork Removals provide dedicated removals services for students, and they even provide a professional packing service if you simply don’t have the time. Let someone else do all the hard work for you!

4 – Visit your local area

If you’re moving into an area in which you’ve never lived before, it might be worth taking a trip out there before you move. This will allow you to get to grips with where you’ll be staying and it can make the whole enterprise a lot less scary. You can make a note of any
local shops, bars and takeaway joints, meaning that you know where your local amenities are and you aren’t left wandering around for essentials when you should be unpacking.

5 – Pack cleaning products

Students get a bad rep when it comes to cleanliness; sometimes it’s justified and sometimes it isn’t. What’s important is that you have cleaning products on hand for when you move into your new place. That way, if the previous tenants have left the place in a mess, you can easily tackle it. Without cleaning products you might be tempted to leave it as it is and no one wants to live in someone else’s filth. Key items include:
● Wipes
● Oven cleaner
● Kitchen spray
● Bathroom spray
● Rubber gloves
● Sponges
● Bin bags

The main thing to remember is to try and enjoy your moving process and think about the good times you can have as a student. Moving is just a momentary phase in all of this and the less stressful you can make it, the better. Should you need assistance with your move, simply contact us at Clockwork Removals. We have a dedicated team and a fleet of vehicles – we even offer short or long term storage. We’re always happy to help with student removals of any size, so whether it’s just you moving or a whole house, look no further than the Clockwork team.

I hope you enjoyed reading through this and I just want to say a huge thank you to Clockwork Removals for collaborating with me for this series and writing this super useful post! Let me know if you’re heading off to university this year or are currently applying for university and found this post helpful. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Stefanie
    June 13, 2018

    These are some great tips, some that I wish I had or knew back when I went to school- oh, to be in University again 🙂

    1. femaleoriginal
      June 13, 2018

      Aw thank you so much! xx


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