University Moving: Deciding Where to Live

For the second piece in my three-part series, University Moving, I thought I’d share my tips on deciding exactly where you want to live when you’re moving from student accommodation to a student house during university. If you haven’t seen it already, go and check out the first part of my series for tips on Choosing Your Housemates. Having lived in both student accommodation and housing, I wanted to share some advice with anyone who is currently thinking about housing. I’m hoping that reading this post might offer an insight into the process for anyone who needs any advice!

Student Area

When I first chose my house for second year of university, I made the mistake of moving slightly away from the student area. The fact that the houses were a lot nicer and slightly cheaper convinced myself and my friends to live there. I’m someone who doesn’t mind walking to and from university at all so living slightly away didn’t bother me. Although, despite the houses being better value for money, there were a few issues with the location after all. The distance from university wasn’t an issue until it came to coming home from socials and nights out. (I am a student after all, it’s what we do!). Not living in the main student area meant that there wouldn’t always be someone to walk home with. If I could give one piece of advice it would be to live in the student area. Even if it is more expensive.


If your university buildings or campus is slightly away from your accommodation then you’ll need to think about transport links. As I mentioned already, I walk pretty much everywhere so for me it wasn’t a huge concern. That being said, however, I do have a bus stop extremely close to my house which takes me into town. You definitely don’t want to be stuck for transport when you have lectures or somewhere important to be!


My final, essential consideration when it comes to choosing housing is proximity to shops. I know a lot of people who get supermarket deliveries instead of actually visiting the shops but things like a cornershop are still necessary even if that’s something that you do. Personally I like to actually go to the shops and pick straight from the shelves. Plus, given that I shop a lot in ALDI, I have to go into store as they don’t offer delivery or online shopping. When you’re deciding which area to live in, think about where you can do your weekly shop because it’s fine having a Waitrose nearby but you aren’t going to be able to do a fully weekly shop there on a student budget!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you found this post useful and if you’re currently looking into housing.

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