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I’m back with what I’m hoping will be a new series on my blog! If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know how much fun I’ve had and am still having with my What University Students are Wearing series so I decided to start another series alongside it. Something that I absolutely love doing on my blog is involving and promoting fellow bloggers whenever I can which is why I love my What University Students are Wearing series so much. With this in mind I wanted to get more bloggers involved in a different kind of series which is where I came up with the idea of an Etsy Shops you Need to Visit series!

As an art student, I love anything creative and I always appreciate anyone who produces artwork; whether that be jewellery, paintings, poetry or anything else! What better way to celebrate creativity than to start promoting some amazing artists and their sites on Female Original? To start the series off I’m sharing the amazing art and jewellery from Aeyshea Jones!

About the Shop

Having opened her Etsy shop back in March 2012, Aeyshea creates both paintings and jewellery which she sells across her site. Her paintings deal with her personal experiences, identity and memory and the way that they become fragmented over time whereas her jewellery, which is still a fairly new medium for her, focuses in on a variety of different trinkets and accessories.

About the Products

I was so grateful to Aeyshea for sending me such an amazing piece of jewellery! I’m sure any Disney fans out there will recognise this brooch as the flower from Tangled which I think is so unique as an idea for an accessory. The brooch, along with everything else on her Etsy shop is handmade and painted by her which adds such a personal detail to each piece as everything will be a one-off unique design.

How I’ve Styled It

As I mentioned already, the brooch was completely hand made and painted and is such a wonderfully delicate piece. However, even in its delicate form it still manages to work so well against my more rough-edged denim jacket which just shows what a versatile accessory it is! I think my favourite part about the brooch is its colour (since we’re now finally over the gloomy Winter!) making it the perfect little piece to dress up my Spring wardrobe.

Aeyshea’s social links:





As always, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the brooch and don’t forget to check out Aeyshea’s site and social media links. Thank you again to Aeyshea for the beautiful piece and for letting me share your work on Female Original! If you’re interested in featuring your Etsy site or artwork on my blog then feel free to get in touch via my contact page.

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10 thoughts on “Etsy Shops you Need to Visit

  1. I’m really looking forward to this series. I’m always looking for new shops on Etsy with cool, unique pieces. This brooch is so pretty and I’m a huge tangled fan so I love it even more. Great idea, and great post!

    1. Aw thank you so much! I’d love to make it into a series so hopefully I can get some more people involved 🙂 xx

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