Happy Monday(s) everyone! (ha, see what I did there?) I’m back with another of my Monday Mixes after a couple of slightly different playlists over the last few months. I’ve been testing out a few different styles with my Girl Power Playlist and my Chilled Playlist but I’ve kept it pretty simple this month with just a few of my favourite songs at the moment; a mix of new but mostly old-ish tracks for you. As always I asked you all on Twitter what genres of music you wanted to see a little bit more of in this months playlist and it seemed like a bit of a variety of indie, pop and rock which is what I’ve tried to pack into this one for you! If you’re not following me on Twitter then you’re seriously missing out on having your say in Female Original and just some overall great tweets from me really (I’m joking…but you should still have a little browse anyway). So let’s get to the main reason you’re here reading this: The Playlist!

Hopefully I’ll manage to lift your spirits a little bit as you head off to work, uni, school etc. this morning with a great soundtrack for your journey there. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading (and hopefully listening to) this post! I’d love to hear your feedback on this playlist as well as my other playlists. If you want keep up to date with my latest mixes then check out my profile on Spotify and give me a follow!

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4 thoughts on “March: Monday Mix

  1. Love Vampire Weekend and Kate Nash! I’m going to have to give this playlist a few listens 😀 also I’m excited to listened to new artists. Great post!

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