What University Students Are Wearing #4

It’s time for the fourth post in what I’m sure you all know by now is my favourite series; What University Students Are Wearing! If you’re completely new to my blog or this series then go and have a little browse at the previous posts here!

  1. Name: Lucy Rachael (online but that’s my first and middle names. I’m really Lucy Simpson)
  2. Age: 19
  3. University: Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh
  4. Subject: Biology
  5. From: Shetland (an island in Scotland)

Tell us about your look e.g. where each item is from, favourite item, why you chose this outfit etc.

I love this look, super comfy but still very cool. The trousers are from Asos which I got for Christmas. I also got the beret for Christmas which is from Topshop. The top is a long-sleeved grey ribbed top from Primark. The coat is my favourite piece in this outfit; I got it from Topshop last year and its one of my staple pieces. Shoes are my go-to Nikes, these are perfect for uni.

Do you plan out your outfits before you wear them or are you more of a throw on in the morning type of person?

I quickly mentally plan outfits, usually while I’m in the shower. This is me trying to save a tiny bit of time in the morning. I have never been organised enough to lay out an outfit the night before.

Do you think your style shifts between university and life at home or do you wear pretty much the same looks in both places?

Yes 100%. I live on a very small island called Shetland. I would never wear daring outfits there. In Edinburgh, I will flaunt my beret like nobodies business!

What item of clothing do you think every university student must own?

I think all students need a good pair of trainers. I wear my black Nikes pretty much every day. Comfort is key at university.

What is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?

My favourite clothing item is probably my Bershka Jacket. I saw @Cheraleelyle on Instagram wearing it, and immediately bought it. It’s super warm and very chic.

What do you find yourself wearing the most when you’re at university?

I probably wear my black turtleneck from H&M the most. It is my alternative to the basic white tee for winter. Very warm, very easy, very Steve Jobs.

What is the oldest item of clothing in your wardrobe?

Oldest? I have no idea! I’m a clothes hoarder. I can rarely afford new clothes so I hang on to old crap.  If I had to guess, it would be my burgundy coat from New Look. I have had it and been wearing it forever.

Do you vintage shop?

Occasionally from my mum’s wardrobe! I have a few items kindly ‘borrowed’ from there. Other than that, I sometimes visit ‘Armstrongs’ a popular Edinburgh vintage shop. I got my favourite Levi’s denim jacket from there. It’s a must hit stop if visiting the city.

Do you have a style inspiration?

Not particularly, I get a lot of inspo from my older sister, she’s cool. Other than her, I just follow some awesome ladies on Instagram and go on Pinterest all the time. I already mentioned @cheraleelyle, there’s also @thekateedit @loulabxlle  @joyfullystyled

What is your absolute favourite high street shop?

I’m very poor, so it’s got to be Primark. However, based on style, probably Topshop or Zara.

Do you pay attention to what is “in fashion” according to magazines/big brands?

Yeah, as a blogger I think it’s important to pay attention to trends but not to become a slave to them. Like I said I don’t buy a lot of new stuff so I try to adapt my wardrobe to fit trends by using accessories etc.


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Thanks for reading and a huge thank you to Lucy for getting involved! As always let me know your thoughts on this post and the series itself in the comments and don’t forget that if you want to get involved in the sereis to contact me here.

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