The Ultimate Snacks to Have in your Room at University

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I’ve been absolutely loving blogging about university at the moment *spends 3 months off university and literally only blogs about university* – I think it’s all the excitement of returning for my second year next week, so I posted over on my Twitter page asking you whether you’d be interested in hearing about what snacks I think are essential to have in your room while you’re at university (or just for general life – shout-out to Sherry Scribbles). Going from the results of the poll, you were all interested in this idea so I’ve put together my Ultimate Snack guide!

Okay, so I’ve recently discovered the Amazon Pantry feature (honestly I don’t know how its taken me 7 years to stumble upon it) and it’s basically the holy grail of amazing snacks. Essentially what you can do is choose what snacks you want and then add them to a box. As you add each item, Amazon tells you how full that box is in a percentage and also adds up the total price as you go along. Then when it’s all filled you can add in the delivery address and send it off.

How cute an idea is that though? You can send yourself a little gift! It’d even be perfect for sending to a friend or family member at university as a care package during exam season! (I think I would actually cry if someone sent me a surprise box of food – guys take notes if you want to impress your girl).

Having discovered Amazon Pantry, I thought it’d be interesting to put together my own box with all of my favourite snacks and explain each product to you with links to them all. I’ve split the items into sections based on what type of food they are e.g. savoury, sweet, drinks etc. so you can flick through to the food types that you’re interested in. I added all of this stuff to my Amazon Pantry box and it was just over half full – imagine how much stuff you could fit in a whole box! So without further ado, here’s my list of Ultimate Snacks to Have in your Room at University.


Chocolate: Montezuma’s

I’ve always been a milk chocolate over dark chocolate person (that was until I literally ate so much milk chocolate that it started to taste weird to me) but recently I’ve been loving dark chocolate so much more.

As you may know I’ve recently just turned 20 over the summer, however since my birthday was in the middle of the week, and i was having a family gathering at the weekend, I didn’t see the point in having a birthday cake both for my birthday and for the gathering. Instead I asked for a really great bar of luxury dark chocolate to which I was given Montezumas Sea Dog Dark Chocolate with Lime and Sea Salt and oh my god this was a game-changer. Honestly, this is the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted and a must try for any dark chocolate lovers out there.

Sadly (for my poor student bank account) this is a slightly pricier treat than some of the other brands I would normally buy, but it isn’t at all ridiculous in price if you’re treating yourself or a friend to it as a gift, and is by no means one of the most expensive bars out there. There’s also a Dark Chocolate Orange flavour and a range of Milk Chocolate flavours if Lime and Sea Salt isn’t your kind of thing.

Chocolate: Green & Blacks

My next chocolate is Green & Blacks 85% Dark Chocolate. Sometimes I just really fancy a super intense, rich flavour hit in my chocolate. This is usually when I need a quick fix to my chocolate cravings and just have a piece of two of luxurious flavour. I’m sure a lot of you will have heard of Green & Blacks extensive range of different flavours of chocolate, but their intense dark chocolate is one of my most recent favourites. That being said, Green & Blacks milk chocolate range is one of the few types of milk chocolate that don’t give off a sickly flavour, for me anyway. I really do think it’s worth investing in a higher quality chocolate because the flavour difference is insane between a high and low quality.

85% Dark Chocolate
70% Dark Chocolate

Chocolate: Lindt

My final brand of chocolate is the Lindt Mint Intense bar. I just had to include a Mint Chocolate of some kind and Lindt do mint chocolate really well. Super refreshing and just generally delicious I thought it’d be a great bar to include in my list.

Nakd Bars

My other option for a sweet snack is a Nakd Bar. What I love so much about Nakd Bars is that they’re just cold pressed fruits with nuts and natural ingredients, as well as being gluten free making them a great snack inclusive of anyone with a gluten intolerance. There are so many fabulous flavours to choose from but I’ve focused on the Gingerbread Fruit and Nut Bar (it’s basically autumn now so why not?) and the Caffe Mocha Fruit and Nut Bar.


If you’re not into sweet snacks then this is the section for you! Sometimes sweet stuff can be a bit too sickly for me so it’s great to have savoury-alternative snacks in stock at uni as well.


I’m starting this section with popcorn because honestly I’m not entirely sure if it’s considered a sweet or savoury food so I’ve put it in savoury(sorry if you disagree haha). Popcorn is one of my absolute go-to snacks at university because it’s a great filler, low calorie and still super light and delicious.

For me, the ultimate popcorn brand is Propercorn – their range of flavours just makes them far superior to the classic salt or sweet flavour that used to dominate the popcorn industry.

I absolutely love their Sweet Coconut and and Vanilla flavour but their more classic style flavours like Sweet and Salty  and Lightly Salted are just as great. Sitting at around 90-120 calories per bag, they’re such a guilt free, light snack (not that you should ever feel guilty about eating what you want anyway).

I honestly believe that you should eat what you want – it’s better to eat a small bit of what you’re craving than to try and cover the craving by eating an alternative food because it never full satisfies you!

Crisps: Kettle Chips

I’m actually not a big crisp-eater despite being a huge fan of the snack. It’s so easy to snack too much on unhealthy food at university out of convenience so I try to keep crisps as more of a treat food rather than a regular snack. That being said, I do have my favourites and I’m going to share them with you now!

I always find it so weird that I love the Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar flavoured Kettle Chips because I’m really not a fan of any other salt and vinegar flavoured crisps out there, however, Kettle chips are honestly some of the best crisps that exist. I think it’s the thicker cut and crunch to them that makes them so delicious over Walkers, which although are probably the nations favourite crisps, just don’t really do it for me.

Crisps: Hummus Crisps

Okay, I haven’t actually tried these crisps before but when I saw them on Amazon Pantry I HAD to include them – I mean, HUMMUS CRISPS! My mind was actually blown when I saw these (I’m not sure if anyone has ever tried them before but my god do they sound delicious). If you’ve tried them before then comment below what your thoughts on them were, and even if you haven’t tried them comment what you think of the idea of them.

Rice Cakes

This one is more of a snack idea recipe (if you can really call it that, it’s legit 3 ingredients) that I make for myself all the time in my room while I’m getting some university work done and its rice cakes with peanut butter and honey. Obviously the honey adds a little bit of sweetness to it, but i still consider this to be a savoury snack because the honey is optional. Basically i just spread some Whole Earth Peanut Butter onto my rice cake and then drizzle a bit of Honey on top – super simple and quick to whip up!


I’ve included a few of my favourite drinks to have in university when I feel like something a little different to my usual glasses of water (gotta stay hydrated guys). There’s a mix of both hot and cold drinks so hopefully there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

San Pellegrino

I’ve chosen San Pellegrino’s Carbonated Water and their Limonata as my cold drinks for this post because, other than the obvious fact that I love them and they’re delicious, I honestly believe that they don’t need to be chilled to taste great. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have a mini fridge in your room at university (pretty sure those kind of appliances are banned from rooms) or in your room at home so I wanted to make sure that I factored that into my drinks choice because it’s all fine and well saying “oh yeah this iced cold drink is delicious” but you can’t keep it iced cold in the absolute greenhouse that is university halls.


I know this is a snacks to have in your room at university and you’re probably thinking but surely we have to leave our room to make a hot drink – she’s lying to us! (which is kinda true, I can’t deny it) I stored all my fancy tea’s in my room like the little possessive foodie I am (no one is stealing my luxury tea!) so technically they are a room-snack… so here they are anyway!


I’m such a super-fan of Clipper’s tea. We all have our preferred brands of tea and this is mine (don’t judge plz). I don’t drink a lot of standard tea and usually opt for teas without milk, mostly because they’re minimal effort to make (not gonna lie to you). Anything light and relaxing has me sold when it comes to tea as I often drink it before bed while watching Netflix or reading a book and so my usual go-to’s are Clipper’s White Tea and Clipper’s Pure Green Tea.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought of my choice in snacks – hopefully it lived up to your expectations!

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      1. Yeah some of my health choices aren’t great … 😬 but I always eat rice cakes instead of bread, buy loads of fruit punnets and eat veggie options where I can to keep fat down… The snack drawer is for emergencies only 😂😭

          1. Exactly – I think it’s nice to do a bit of a cleanse sometimes anyway and I feel better for it as well. And yeah that pasta recipe is awesome 😊 Definitely going to try that

  1. Ooh I absolutely adore dark chocolate and the lime + sea salt sounds like an incredible combination! Also your descriptions of uni halls are incredibly accurate haha, I used to live with a food thief and it was NOT fun… kept all my goodies in my room eventually, including cutlery.

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