Tomato and Spinach Pasta

Inspired by a recipe featured on BudgetBites I thought I’d share a great pasta recipe for when you need a quick dinner that tastes great! This recipe serves 1-2 people, as I normally just cook for myself – being a student.


Penne pasta (use packet instructions for serving size)

1/2 onion 

2 cloves garlic

1 Tbsp olive oil

1/2 can plum tomatoes 

250g fresh spinach

tsp dried oregano

Pinch red pepper flakes (optional)

Salt and pepper, to taste 

1 tbsp tomato puree 

3 – 4 tbsp cream cheese (I used Philedelphia Light)

Grated parmesan, for sprinkling over


Bring a large pan of salted water to a boil over high heat.

Add the pasta, cook for 10 minutes and then drain it.

While waiting for the pasta to cook, dice the onion and chop the garlic.

Add the olive oil to a large pan and fry the onions and garlic over a medium heat until softened and transparent (about 5 minutes).

Pour the tomatoes (with juices), oregano, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper into the pan and stir.

Add the tomato puree and a splash of water to the pan and stir until the tomato puree is dissolved into the sauce.

Turn the heat down to low. Cut the cream cheese into a few pieces and then add them to the pan.

Stir the sauce until the cream cheese has fully melted in. Add some of the parmesan to the pan and stir until it melts.

Mix in the spinach and gently stir it into the sauce until it has wilted (3-5 minutes). Add the pasta and stir until it is well coated in the creamy tomato sauce.

Taste and adjust the salt and pepper as needed. (I added a bit of extra cream cheese on top)


Female Original

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  1. Looks SO yummy! Thank you for sharing! XO

    1. femaleoriginal
      September 14, 2017

      Aw thank you! Xx

  2. Britney
    September 17, 2017

    This pasta looks really good!

    1. femaleoriginal
      September 17, 2017

      Thanks! Definitely one of my new favourites xx

  3. Kiya Gould
    September 18, 2017

    This looks amazing ?

    1. femaleoriginal
      September 18, 2017

      Thank you! ?xx

  4. betweenthetread
    September 19, 2017

    Hi, as we travel a lot in our van, we are often looking for new recipes to try. We have added this to our list.

    1. femaleoriginal
      September 19, 2017

      Glad you like the sound of it!


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