Advice for Freshers #3 Dorm-Room Essentials

It’s only a few weeks until the university year begins and, as a second year student, I thought I’d share some of my knowledge about university with all of you that are starting university for the first time this year. With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of 10 things that you might not have thought that you needed in university for your dorm-room. Hopefully you’ll find my list useful!

1.A diffuser

You may have had an E-Booklet through from your new university/college telling you about some of the things that you aren’t allowed to bring into your room and one of these things is always candles. As cute as they are and as nice as they smell, they’re a fire hazard and so my solution is to get yourself a diffuser. They make your room smell great and are actually pretty cheap to buy at only around £15 (which is reasonable considering mine lasted about 6 months).

2.Lots of pillows and throws

As well as adding style to your room, throws and pillows are necessary for when you start yo miss home. It’s hard being away from home and you’ll find that you do get homesick but if you can cuddle up in a cosy throw and pillows then you’ll start to feel better in no time. (obviously don’t forget to bring your quilt and bedding with you as well).

I wish my dorm-room was this cute.

3.An extension cord

Electrical plugs in your dorm-room are often placed in really strange places and there also isn’t normally a lot of them, so by bringing an extension cord you can adjust your plugs to a more practical position and also use more electrical products at once.


Living in a flat/dorm, you’re sharing the same living space with so many people and so there’s going to be noise. In my university halls there was always someone blasting Stormzy from 11am pretty much everyday (don’t worry, you get used to it – you are in university after all.) You can’t avoid it however, you can reduce the affect that it has on your daily life by bringing headphones. Not only will this stop you from hearing other peoples noise but it also stops you from being the noisy neighbour by keeping your music to yourself and your headphones.


5.A Laundry Bag

This is pretty obvious but my tip is to get yourself one with a handle on it to make it easier to carry to and from the laundry room because they get pretty heavy.

6.A Door stop

When you first move in you want to seem welcoming to the other people on your floor and so by using a door stop you are allowing people to come and say hi to you on move in day, which will help you build a group of friends quickly. You’re not going to make friends shutting yourself in your room!

7.Fairy Lights

Not only do they make your room feel adorable, they’re also a great alternative to lamps and ceiling lights when you want a more relaxed, evening lighting to your room while you’re having a movie night with your new squad.

Tip: Make sure you buy battery operated ones because plug in lights aren’t usually allowed due to health and safety.


8.Photos and pins

Normally, you’re given a pin board in your room to pin up posters, notices and photos etc. so make sure to bring extra pins to put up your photos because you only ever get given 4 or 5 pins.

9.Thin velvet hangers

The wardrobe space is usually small so getting thin velvet hangers allows you to store more clothes than the typical wooden hangers you might have at home. Also, velvet hangers stop your clothes from slipping off.

10.Desk drawers

Desk drawers simply make sure an extra storage space for small items such as makeup, pens, first aid kit items or even loose change. A practical item, they’re perfect for storing things that you always misplace – like your keys! The number of times where I thought I’d lost my key card were actually ridiculous in my first year.


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