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200 Degrees officially opened its doors in Liverpool earlier this month and I was lucky enough to attend the press launch [invited] for its new branch. In case you haven’t heard of them before, 200 Degrees are a small chain of coffee shops around the UK. Beginning in Nottingham, 200 Degrees now has 9 coffee shops in the UK, after just launching the Liverpool branch. Their next venture is a second shop in Birmingham, opening next month. For now though, I’m focusing on the lovely Liverpool shop.

Why 200 Degrees?

Wondering where the name 200 Degrees came from? It’s actually the temperature at which they roast the beans for their coffee! Pretty cool right? Also cool… they offer barista courses at five different barista schools around the UK! Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur looking to work on your craft or your average (cup of…) joe wanting to learn a bit more about your favourite hot drink, the barista school is available to book for anyone. Anyway, enough with the puns and on with the post!

The Decor

If you’ve read any of my other food and drink review posts then you’ll know that I love a bit of interior design when I’m dining. So obviously I had to make note of 200 Degrees’ design features! If there’s one specific bit of decor that I love it’s got to be a light fixture. (that actually sounds so pathetic as I’m reading this now). But it is true! Mixing different lighting together has become a huge feature of modern design and it’s something that I absolutely adore seeing.

The yellow/gold fringed lights in the main dining area of the shop really stood out to me. They just gave the venue that extra bit of luxury that you don’t normally see in your everyday coffee shop. Paired with the plush teal sofas and brown leather chairs, the whole place just oozed sophistication. I actually think it’s the most “adult” looking coffee shop I’d even been to. And I LOVED it!

A standout feature had to be the artificial light flame, creating the effect of a fireplace. I just thought it was such an original feature and, despite not offering any actual heat, gave the downstairs area of the shop a real homely-feel.

Food & Drink

After a fairly long browse of the food counter, I finally decided on trying the salami and feta baguette. With, of course, a latte on the side. I have to admit it was a toss up between the humous and beetroot and the salami and feta though. They both sounded amazing!

I settled down in the main, downstairs area of the shop in a little corner spot and waited for my food to arrive. Their ordering system is slightly different to your usual coffee shop in that they’ll give you a number on a wooden block. You can then choose wherever you want to sit and they’ll come and find you once your food is ready. Much more relaxing than hovering around the coffee machine waiting!

Once I’d tested a sandwich and hot drink it was only right to try a cold drink and a cake! I had to test it all, didn’t I? I’d spotted their homemade iced tea earlier when I was browsing the counter and knew I wanted to try it. And I was definitely impressed. Ice cold and served with mint and lemon, it was exactly what I needed on a hot day in the city! Bonus points for the reusable metal straws too!

I went with a favourite dessert of mine; rocky road. Unfortunately for my vegan and vegetarian friends, this isn’t the one for you as it contains gelatin. However, it’s super important to note that they actually show all of the potential allergens next to each food item. Making it super easy to see what you can and can’t have. And, don’t worry, if the rocky road isn’t for you I’m sure the dark chocolate brownie will be…

My Thoughts

Overall I had a lovely afternoon checking out the new Metquarter location of 200 Degrees and am excited to return to give an iced coffee a go. (they will happily turn any hot coffee into an iced version if you’re more of a cold beverage fan too). It was great to speak to the staff about the brand as well. They were all incredibly friendly and really knowledgable about what they were doing. Which is always lovely to see!

I can definitely see myself bringing my laptop with me and setting up in my corner spot for a bit of blogging this summer…

Have you visited any of the 200 Degrees coffee shops in the UK before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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24 thoughts on “200 Degrees Liverpool

  1. I loved the puns Faye :’) The interior of this place is definitely classy, and I love that flame too! This has just inspired me to start looking around town more for some local coffee shops, instead of always heading over to Starbucks haha.

    1. Haha glad you appreciated them! I feel you – I’d always end up in Costa but I love discovering new local shops, this one is amazing x

  2. I love 200 degrees (I am originally from and work in Nottm) and had no idea they were opening one in Liverpool (one of my fav cities). Looks great ??

    1. Oooh cool! I love the Liverpool one so I’ll have to visit the others if I do some travelling around the UK 🙂 x

  3. Wow, 200 Degrees what a cool name ?
    I love the deco is lovely and comfortable. Hopefully I can visit one day by myself x


  4. The food looks really nice there! That’s really interesting how they picked their name! I think it’s really unusual to name it after the bean roasting temperature!

    1. The story behind the name is so interesting isn’t it! I can’t wait to have another rocky road haha x

  5. This looks like such a great spot for coffee and a quick bite too! Loved your photos and I’ve not heard of or visited the 200 degrees coffee shops but will be on the lookout next time I’m in Liverpool (: Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s such a lovely coffee shop – I’d definitely recommend popping in next time you’re in Liverpool x

    1. I had no idea barista schools were even a thing until I visited 200 Degrees! It’s such a cool concept x

    1. It’s such a great coffee shop – I love that they’ll make any coffee into an iced version if you ask too! x

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