2 Great Ciders To Try This Spring

2 Great Ciders To Try This Spring - Female Original

Lighter Spring nights will be on their way in just a few weeks and I for one can say that I’ll be welcoming them with open arms. When I think of Springtime I instantly associate it with crisp air, blooming flowers and the beginnings of sunnier times. Not only that but I’ll start thinking about seasonal flavours in terms of food and drink. I’m not necessarily someone who exclusively sticks to seasonal flavours when it comes to my drinks. In fact you’ll often catch me happily sipping away on Aperol Spritz’s in the bitterest of Winter evenings. But sometimes it’s nice to embrace seasonal drinks. Which is why, in celebration of Springtime, I’m sharing two Spring ciders that I think would be perfect for sipping this season.

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2 Great Ciders To Try This Spring: Cider Is Wine

If you’ve read my tips on how to make the most of a weekend at home or checked out my boozy gift guide then you’ll most likely already be familiar with the brand Cider Is WineBut for those of you who aren’t aware of the company, allow me to quickly introduce you to them. Based in Maidenhead, Cider Is Wine are a company who focus on sharing only the highest quality of cider and perry with the consumer. They believe that cider, alike wine, should be seen as both a sophisticated and elegant alternative to our favourite wines. And with their array of beautiful and delicious ciders and perries on offer on their site, they definitely have proven this to be true. I’ve picked out two ciders, that are available on the Cider Is Wine website, to share with you as wonderful options for Springtime sipping.

2 Great Ciders To Try This Spring - Female Original

Long Brothers Apple & Blueberry Co-Ferment Cider

The first of the two ciders comes from Northamptonshire based Long Brothers. Their Apple & Blueberry Co-Ferment Cider is made using 100% freshly pressed and fermented apples and blueberries, and uses no concentrates. The co-ferment is a mix of 85% apple juice (Katie apples from Lower Court Farm, Herefordshire) and 15% blueberry juice (from Lutton Farm, Northamptonshire). Made in the same way as grape wine, the cider is also gluten free and vegetarian and vegan friendly.

2 Great Ciders To Try This Spring - Female Original
Long Brothers Apple & Blueberry Co-Ferment Cider, RRP £12.30. Available on Cider Is Wine.

In terms of first impressions, Long Brothers co-ferment is a stunning, deep shade of red that instantly made me think of delicious dark berries. As for the taste I was mostly getting a strong apple flavour (from the Katie apples) before finishing with some sweetness from the blueberries. I’d describe this one as lightly sparkling and, compared to other ciders that contain berries, it’s fairly crisp and dry. The sweetness is definitely still there but overall it’s light and super refreshing. Cider Is Wine recommend pairing this cider with a lentil and feta salad, pan seared duck or slow cooked lamb. However, they also suggest drinking it on it’s own as a delightful aperitif (which is how I enjoyed it!).

Tinston Anatomy Sparkling 2017

The second cider comes from Brighton based Tinston. As a small-batch company, they believe in care, attention to detail and of course quality when it comes to their ciders. For Tinston, it’s important that they showcase exactly what England has to offer in terms of high quality ciders. I think their 2017 Tinston Anatomy is a great example of exactly this. It’s a sparkling cider made from 100% freshly-pressed Bramley apples, and is made in a similar way to sparkling wine. Tinston Anatomy Sparkling 2017 is also gluten free and vegetarian and vegan friendly.

2 Great Ciders To Try This Spring - Female Original
Tinston Anatomy Sparkling 2017, RRP £10.75. Available on Cider Is Wine.

Let’s get onto how it tastes then shall we? So first off the scent was not what I was expecting at all, it almost has a bit of a sour, acidic smell to it (not dissimilar to a sour beer actually). But in terms of how it tasted it couldn’t be further from it’s sour beer-esque scent. It’s sparkling, crisp yet fruity, and honestly…it’s so similar to champagne that I almost couldn’t believe it was cider. Of course it does still have the appley cider flavours but it’s also totally champagne-esque. If you’re someone who loves sparkling wine or champagne then you seriously need to give this a try. And at £10.75 it’s such a great alternative to a quality champagne that will definitely impress! Cider Is Wine recommend serving this cider in flute glasses alongside light canapés (sounds dreamy!). But they also mention that the Tinston Anatomy would work well with fresh fish dishes such as smoked salmon or mackerel pâté.

What drinks do you often associate with the Spring? Have either of these ciders caught your eye? Let me know which one you’d love to try this season!

Female Original

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50 thoughts on “2 Great Ciders To Try This Spring

  1. The color of the blueberry cider reminds me very much of the fruit kombucha I used to make! Such a pretty shade of bluish purple.
    I am a sparkling kind of gal so the sparkling Anatomy looks delicious. Thanks for sharing another company dedicated to high standards of flavor and drinks made with love. 🙂

    1. The sun always has me wanting a delicious, refreshing drink as well! Glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 x

  2. These look like great choices! I associate Rose wines with warmer weather! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I do quite like cider but dont drink it that often, the Long Brothers one sounds like it tastes super nice!

  4. The Long Brothers Cider looks and sounds delicious, definitely the kind of drink I’d reach for in the summer!

    1. It’s such a great Spring/Summer drink isn’t it! Glad you like the sound of the Long Brother’s cider 🙂 x

  5. These look really good! I love a cider when it’s sunny. My current favourite is the Old Mout pineapple and raspberry cider but would like to try more 🙂

    1. Aw I love that! The Tinston Anatomy is so lovely – it really does have a champagne-ness to it 🙂 x

    1. Glad you like the sound of them (even if you don’t drink!). I’ll have to check out the alcohol-free cider scene and see if there’s anything! x

    1. They’re both lovely ciders! Glad you like the sound of them despite not usually being a cider fan 🙂 x

  6. This might sound weird but I have never had ciders before. I’m gonna have to try them. The blueberry and apple one looks so damn amazing and it has this beautiful red colour which makes you want to taste it almost immediately haha.

  7. Yum!! You can’t go wrong with sparkling cider. I love that these bottles are affordable. Big plus when you can mix a good cocktail with it. Thanks for sharing these picks!

  8. These sound so delicious, especially the blueberry apple flavored one! Thanks for sharing your experience trying these ciders out! I loved reading this!

    1. Thank you so much! The Long Brothers cider is so good so I’m glad you liked the sound of it 🙂 x

  9. I definitely associate cider with spring and summer too. I love the sound of the apple and blueberry. It sounds so fresh and perfect for the slightly warmer weather x

    1. Cider is so lovely in the warmer weather! You can’t beat a nice glass of cider on a sunny day 🙂 x

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