As you may already know, I’m an art student about to go into my second year of university. Since university is such a  huge part in my life at the moment I wanted to try and share as much advice and tips about university life for anyone who is about to start or considering applying…Continue Reading “A Student Answers your Questions About University”

Often overlooked by not only a lot of new First-Year university students, but also students as a whole – societies are what actually made my first year university experience so amazing! I think a lot of students think that when they arrive at university they won’t really benefit from getting involved in sports or societies….Continue Reading “Advice for Freshers #5 Societies and Socials”

I’ve had my literature category ready for a while now but I hadn’t got around to actually making a post on it until now! When I first designed my blog I wanted to have a literature category included in it, mostly because I thought it would encourage me to read more, as well as connect…Continue Reading “How to Start Reading if you Aren’t a Big Reader”

It’s only a few weeks until the university year begins and, as a second year student, I thought I’d share some of my knowledge about university with all of you that are starting university for the first time this year. With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of 10 things that you might…Continue Reading “Advice for Freshers #3 Dorm-Room Essentials”

Following on from Advice for Freshers #1 Cooking and the Kitchen, I’ve come up with a few clothing items that you may not necessarily realise you need for when you go to university. 1.Flip flops or Sliders Probably seeming like a strange opening clothing item, flip flops/sliders are actually one of my university essentials –…Continue Reading “Advice for Freshers #2 Clothing Necessities”