Hello everyone! I’m back with the third and final post in my university moving series and for this one I’ve teamed up with Clockwork Removals who have kindly put together a guest post for Female Original on their tips for removing stress during the moving process! If you’re a student leaving home for the first…Continue Reading “University Moving: 5 Tips For Removing Stress During Moving”

For the second piece in my three-part series, University Moving, I thought I’d share my tips on deciding exactly where you want to live when you’re moving from student accommodation to a student house during university. If you haven’t seen it already, go and check out the first part of my series for tips on…Continue Reading “University Moving: Deciding Where to Live”

I’m back with another advice (…?) post about blogging for you all! If you haven’t seen my other posts about blogging then a) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! and b) Fear not, they’re here, here and here so go and have a little look at them now (well…after you’ve read this post of course!). I’m definitely not…Continue Reading “Blogging: My Experience in my First 9 Months of Blogging”

I asked you all on Twitter if you’d be interested in a post about my experience with going self-hosted and so many of you wanted to see it so I’m finally posting it for you! Now this is obviously going to be my specific experience with going self-hosted so some aspects might not relate exactly…Continue Reading “Going Self-Hosted: How I Moved from WordPress.com with Siteground”

I’ve been blogging for just over seven months now and, after taking the plunge and finally going self-hosted (I’m completely obsessed with my new site if you couldn’t tell already!), I thought what better time to share my tips by answering some of your questions about blogging than now? I took to Twitter to ask…Continue Reading “Answering your Questions About Blogging”

As I’m currently in my second year of university, I’ve now reached a point where I know how to move into a new room and make it feel a little bit more homely and like my own space. When you first move into university halls it can be a bit strange and daunting, since you’re…Continue Reading “3 Ways To Make Your University Room Feel Like You”