Happy Wednesday everyone, you’re halfway to the weekend! Can we just start by talking about how ridiculously cold it is?! It’s March tomorrow and I feel like the Winter weather is at it’s absolute worst right now! I thought I’d finally get around to actually starting a series that I’ve been wanting to write for…Continue Reading “A Foodie’s Guide to… Liverpool”

I’ve been absolutely loving blogging about university at the moment *spends 3 months off university and literally only blogs about university* – I think it’s all the excitement of returning for my second year next week, so I posted over on my Twitter page asking you whether you’d be interested in hearing about what snacks…Continue Reading “The Ultimate Snacks to Have in your Room at University”

Inspired by a recipe featured on BudgetBites I thought I’d share a great pasta recipe for when you need a quick dinner that tastes great! This recipe serves 1-2 people, as I normally just cook for myself – being a student. Ingredients Penne pasta (use packet instructions for serving size) 1/2 onion  2 cloves garlic 1 Tbsp olive oil 1/2 can plum tomatoes  250g fresh…Continue Reading “Tomato and Spinach Pasta”